Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Why is Religion so Evil?

Religion claims to seek only 'the truth," and boasts about being the means by which people become moral. But it is exactly this claim to moral superiority that so often makes religion so evil.

Once you start with the idea that you are special because you have subscribed to a "belief," you have put yourself above those who you inherently suspect are inferior to you. It's a way the poor can feel spiritually superior to those who are financially superior to them. It's also how we come to believe we are so "full of grace" and divine knowledge of morality, that we feel justified in being filled with holy rage at those we deem to be "sinners!"

That is how the devil uses religion to convince those who are intoxicated by their own self righteousness, to kill homosexuals, atheists, liberals, other Christians, or even each other, indeed "the least of my brothers and sisters," as Jesus said, will all fall to those who love their "beliefs" and their own sense of self righteousness, far, far more than they love truth, or Jesus, or God, or morality.

But they will kill you if you try to suggest any of this is true. They are convinced, after all, that the devil has possessed everyone who does not believe as they do. And they are therefore terrified of spending eternity in hell for being deceived by Satan and his minions. So, to protect against such eternal torments, they would willingly torment anyone and everyone, for eternity if need be, just so they can ensure their own soul stays pure.

And they will do all of this, and kill everyone on the planet!, just so they can show "god" how much they "love" him, and just how much they are willing to do literally ANYTHING to prove they "believe." Because "believing," after all, is how you get a ticket to that willy wonka chocolate factory in the sky called heaven.

And who wouldn't murder the whole world to get a chance at eternity in heaven?

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