Monday, February 13, 2017

The Cult of Conservatism: The Religion of Republicanism

Politics is simply a secular religion. In fact, Conservatism and Liberalism operate in the world of politics in much the same way that Christianity and Atheism work.

Christians often "believe" in god that can neither be proven to exist nor disproved. Atheists on the other hand are more skeptical of simply accepting a story that seems only to benefit those selling it and that, even if it made people "better," as it's adherents so often insist, it does not mean it is therefore "true."

Christians likewise doubt every other system of "beliefs" but their own; "beliefs" which they feel are so sacred, and so absolutely necessary to believe in to maintain order in the world, that such "beliefs" could not possibly have come from their own mind. They hold their "beliefs" to be so God like, in fact, that they conclude they must indeed have come from a God.

In a sense, this is where the split from reality begins, as the atom of their idea sets off a chain reaction that then ignites every other thought, which each one falling like a domino that proves this "belief" to be true.

As others have often point out, of the say 3000 different Gods that exist, Christians doubt them all their own. And of the 40,000 different versions of Christianity that exists, Christians tend to doubt all 39,999 of them, but their own. Atheists, however, are bold enough to just go one  God and one more version of Christianity further.

Conservatism in America has almost always been steeped in Christianity, relying on its sense of authority and duty and obedience, while Liberalism has always been more like atheism, more democratic, egalitarian, and free.

Conservatives seen liberalism the same way Christians see atheism. But theists have no moral canon or bible they feel they must live up to be qualify as an atheist. If Ted Bundy was an atheist, for example, his crimes offend human decency and what we would call "morality," but they are not failing to live up to some standard of perfection that was summed up the story of human-super atheists, that all atheists must aspire to be like to qualify as atheists.

So to with Liberals, sort of. It's different for Liberals in that they tend to espouse their views of equality and love, etc, as being part of their Liberal ideology. And as many Liberals fail to live us to this standard as Christians fail to live up live up to the stands they claim they believe in.That is to say, everyone is still human, at the bottom of all our "beliefs" and ideas.

But an articles came out recently that illustrates the nature of how Conservatism works just like a religion.

As study done by the "Congressional Research Service, the completely non-partisan arm of the Library of Congress that has been advising Congress—and only Congress—on matters of policy and law for nearly a century, produces a research study that finds absolutely no correlation between the top tax rates and economic growth, thereby destroying a key tenet of conservative economic theory.." (Link below.)

Yet the "belief" that tax cuts to the rich DO produce an economic benefit to the economy is one rich people have sold to their Conservative acolytes, even though believing such an idea has only ever harmed them.

Worse, however, is that this finding will absolutely NOT change anyone's mind about their "beliefs" in their Conservatism (Liberalism often works the exactly same way, as atheism does to Catholicism).

But it's at the point that we decide that we will NOT consider if perhaps our own ideas, our own viewpoint, which is almost always associated with some set of "beliefs" that we may or may not be aware of, and which we may feel a dire NEED to defend and hold on to, ..... it's at THAT point, that we know we have decided to stop thinking for ourselves, and just allowed our "beliefs" to drive us around like Miss Daisy.

And now I have to write why Liberalism, like atheism, can devolve into just a system of beliefs as well, who's underlying assumptions we may equally forget to question, and who's tenets we depart from  wildly when it suits our fancy.


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