Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Religion of Racism

Religions have always been about nothing but a kind of spiritual racism, where a person believes their religion makes their own spirit/soul more pure than some else. Racism is the same thing, of course, only biologically speaking. And both come down to blood.

Jesus shed his holy blood for Christians, just so he could forgive the whole world for murdering him (which his own father enticed the world to do, of course). Without the willingness of people to slaughter the lamb of God, in other words, humanity would never have purified itself.

Jesus, in this respect, is simply the lamb of God, but it's Sanhedrin who are essentially playing the role of Abraham in being willing to murder Jesus for God, like he did Isaac. And in the same way that religion makes killing people - from Isaac to Christ - a truly holy experience, so spilling blood for racial purity is no different.

Indeed, racism has always coincided with religion, since the two have always been two sides of the same coin. In truth, however, blood lines have never been "pure" in any sense, any more than any "religion" has ever been more "moral" than any other.

What both religion and racism have in common though, which makes them simply reflections of each other, is the ability to delude people with the belief that they are somehow more "pure" - either spiritually or racially, or both - than everyone else in the world.

This delusion then has the effect of convincing such people of the exact opposite of reality itself. Instead of being able to admit to themselves that they are under the delusion that they are truly "special" because they belong to a certain race or religion, they actually come to believe that being part of the "truth faith" or "pure race" only makes them humble to be so fortunate.

But the delusions don't stop there, of course, that is only where they begin. From there, religion and racism weave a tapestry of delusions into the mind of those who have been seduced by the apple of such lies, and by so doing, convince all those who have eaten of the fruit of the tree of knowledge that they are like God, knowing right from wrong.

And the serpent has the last laugh.    

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