Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Immaculate Conception

Fr. Mike Schmitz  from Ascension Press posted another glaring lie to all those who love to embrace the lie of God as if Satan himself were selling it. 

He tried to explain that "the immaculate conception" referred to Mary, being conceived by her own parents through natural procreative means (i.e. sex) and that it did NOT refer to the Annunciation of Jesus.

Schmitz went on to explain that Mary, the mother of Jesus, received a special dispensation from God, so that she was exempted from having to contract the stain of original sin like everyone else. How sweet. 

God does NOT give the stain of original sin to Mary, but he gives it to everyone else. That's like a doctor who COULD choose NOT to give cancer to everyone, but decides to anyway, and only chooses NOT to give it to a select person here or there. 

Then why didn't God save all of the people he decided to brutally murder with the flood - including children, old people, cripples, and the mentally handicapped - just like he did Mary? Indeed, why kill almost all of humanity and only later decide to forgive humanity for its sins by killing his son instead? And if God is like a doctor who has the cure for what ails us all, but decides not to administer it to most of the patients he alone is responsible for creating "sick" in the first place, than how is "God" any different from Josef Mengele? 

Truly, Fr. Mike's willingness to serve lies (and thus the father of all lies) by deliberately misleading his "flock" with "beliefs" that he conflates with "truth" is a sin perhaps greater than all others. He should be ashamed of himself.

But "god" wouldn't ever be ashamed of himself. And as far as Fr. Mike is concerned, he must be god. 

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