Thursday, February 2, 2017

5 Questions for Religion Class

Someone recently asked 5 questions for their religion class. So I answered.

I am doing a project in my religion class and we are supposed to ask random people these 5 short questions, if you can, please answer them: ...
1. Does God exist? if so, what He is like and how do you know?
2. What is real? Is reality merely matter, an illusion, some combination, or something else?
3. What is the origin of life and the universe?
4. Are human beings special? Are we just animals? Do we have souls? Are we basically good or basically bad, or something else?
5. What is right and wrong? How do we know?

1. The answers to your secondary questions are determined purely by the definitions you give to the words "God" and "exist."

2.These questions are why defining abstract words like "God" and "exist" are always limited by the finite faculties of the beings defining such terms. Everything from amoebas to animals to aliens with highly advanced intelligence, would all define such terms according to their own nature, and by the light of their own subjective experiences; and would probably laugh at the definitions offered by the others. 

 3.This is simply another way of asking "Does God exist," by asking if God, or something else, is where life and the universe come from.

 4.Again, it depends on who is answering these questions - amoebas, animals (from insects to whales) or aliens of advanced intelligence. Humans see themselves as special, for example, and therefore feel they can eat and kill for sport, all of the other species they encounter. If a species of higher intelligence encountered us, why would we ever expect that it would treat us more like a dog than a deer?

5.The answers to these questions are determined by the answers you chose to "believe" are correct for your four previous questions. But just remember that a "belief" is not necessarily the same thing as "truth." Although these terms do have a great deal of overlap, they are often polar opposites. Be comfortable with that, and the answers to all of these questions become as clear as they are infinite. Enjoy.

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