Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The God of Love & War: How Christians are Like Ted Bundy and Jeffery Dahmer

There is a war going on over God. This war is for God as much as it is by God. And all those who fight it do so for no other reason than that they have been seduced by the apple of their "beliefs" about God.

Everywhere, the Christian in this war rages for the false idol of their own ideas with the blood lust of a God trying to save humanity by nailing his own son to a cross. In the process, the Christian not only seeks to obtain their salvation by subduing all those who have no desire to be saved, but does so by duping them self into believing that their selfish quest for their own salvation is really a selfless act of love for everyone else's.

On the one hand, those who pledge their obedience to God fight for his moral laws. This includes everyone from the Catholic Church and Christianity in general, to Islam and ISIS and every terrorist of any religion on the planet that has ever lived.

Within all of these groups is the common desire by all to assert, and often even impose, their view of God's will and morality over all the world, even though none of them agree about what constitutes that "will and morality" exactly.

Many if not all of the people in all of these groups and all of these religions, agree with and indeed even support the use of violence and bloodshed as the means of advancing God's will and morality. While some are willing to engage in the violence directly, from the terrorist bomber to the foot soldier in a far away land to the Christian or Catholic priest who loves their guns at least as much as they claim to "love God" (even if they refuse to be as naive as Christ in ever putting their faith in a God who would murder his own son ), others are willing to support it indirectly, by agreeing with "the war on terror," drone strikes, death penalty, torture, and more.

Murder, in other words, is perhaps the greatest moral virtue of every religion, for it has been practiced as much by God as by his followers in his name, our of moral necessity. But don't ever mention that to someone emotionally addicted to their infantile concepts of God, or they are likely to label you a heretic and seek to crucify you much as those religious fanatics in the Sanhedrin did to Christ.

From Mohammad's use of violence to Jesus who claimed he brought "not peace but the sword" to the Catholic Church which killed heretics by the thousands, people of Faith have always loved shedding blood for their religion more than they have ever loved God or sought truth or morality. After all, even God is a great fan of bloodshed and murder (just read the Old Testament!), which is obviously why He saw fit to use it to establish the New Covenant with his people by luring them to brutally murder of his own son.  

Of course, God could've established a "new covenant" in any way he wanted, but murder appeared to be the best choice he could come up with.

Christians not only ignore the fact their "religion" only proves that two wrongs make a right, with the murder of Christ undoing the disobedience of Adam and Even (yes, it's ridicules, but Christians think it's a sin to think too much about how little sense their religion actually makes), but it also illustrates that mere "disobedience" is somehow deserving of death.

No wonder so many Christians love their guns and the thought of killing anyone who disagrees with their "infallible" beliefs.

On the other hand, there are those gun-toting Christians who are all also convinced that God hired humanity to savagely murder his own son "because he loves us." Never mind that this is a God that not only "loves" us all enough to only murder his own son, but He has also created an eternal Auschwitz oven called Hell that he is only too happy to throw us all in  burn us all alive for eternity. What a great dad! He makes Pol Pot look like Mother Theresa.

And while the first kinds of "believers" want us to believe such "faith" makes us moral, even though murder is the central tenet and the most practiced virtue in all such faiths, the other  kinds of Christians believe all of this murder and eternal torture is perfectly acceptable and indeed moral, because it's all done out of LOVE, by a LOVING God, even if he is occasionally homicidally vain, jealous, and insecure at times.

Yes, make no mistake: Christianity is a belief that turns people into Ted Bundy for their beliefs.  And the fact that they actually eat the flesh and drink the blood of Christ once a week, means it even turns Catholics into Jeffery Dahmer.

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