Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Love on Command

It has apparently never occurred to a single Christian just how patently absurd it is to think that we must "love each other" simply because a "God" commands us to do so, especially after we are likewise 'commanded' to believe that some of us are so loathsome and evil that we deserve to be roasted alive for all of eternity.

This is a bit like Hitler "commanding" his Nazi party to love Jews, even though the Nazi's were also commanded by Hitler to "believe" that all Jews deserve to be roasted alive inside an oven at Auschwitz.

The reason Christians have never considered just how absurd it is that they MUST "love each other," even if they only really hate each other, is because they are programmed not to think about anything that ever seriously contradicts the "beliefs" they are commanded to accept as true, no matter how false they clearly are, lest they be roasted for all eternity themselves for daring to think otherwise.

Yet anyone who is willingly to exercise their own mind on a greater level than a 6 year old can easily see just how truly ridicules it is to think that all of life boils down to our willingness, and indeed our ability, to love on command.

Imagine basing you marriage, not on an act of voluntary love, by on "love on command." Indeed, there is perhaps nothing more insane than the thought that people can be "commanded" to have an emotion, especially under the threat of eternal torture if they fail to do so, and then concluding that the very emotion those people are "commanded"to have under the threat of that torture, is somehow an act of "free will."

But this only suggests that the Christian is as trainable and as mindless as a lapdog, and as bogus in their beliefs as they are insincere in their affections.

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