Monday, May 1, 2017

The Serpent was a Catholic Priest

The serpent in the garden of  Eden was clearly a Catholic priest, for the only "god" such "men" worship above all else is them self, and the most infallible thing about most of them is the pride they take in their own self righteous vanity.

Only those with the greatest pride and  lust for their own infallibility would ever dare to suggest that their own authority to teach people who they should hate comes directly from the "God" who is said to have created the universe and everything in it. They put Lucifer to shame in their assertions that they are speaking for God, even though the only true God to which they are referring has only ever been themselves and their addled yet emotionally crippled minds.

But that has never once stopped a sexually repressed Catholic priest from telling someone who they are allowed to love anymore than it has ever stopped a pedophile from raping an altar boy.

The few Catholic priests I have known personally were about as awful human beings as I have ever met, who's priesthoods stood as the greatest proof of all of just what a fraud their religion really is. And what's more, they are quite content to shamelessly sell their lies - which they know full well are lies and nothing more - in exchange for being taken care of more than the communists from cradle to grave, by an institution that everywhere preaches capitalism while extorting money from it's sheepish parishioners by threatening them with an eternal hell that they alone have created. It is as brilliant as it is evil, and those who peddle it are as hypocritical as they are charlatans.

Many people have commented about how the military and the priesthood are effectively the rain-gutters of society. But there may never have been a better example of the pot calling the kettle black as when Tertullian described women as "a temple built over a sewer."

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