Monday, May 29, 2017

Why the Bible Flood is to Blame for All Genocide

In the Bible, God decided that the people he had created, addled with the stain of "original sin" that He chose to allow them all to be born with, were just too "evil" to be allowed to live. So he decided to kill them all.

Christians want people not to think too much about this, of course, because even though God must have fully known he would eventually murder all of the people he had created with a great flood, God's "righteousness" is always far greater than any system of "universal natural law" that He offends in exercising it. Praise Jesus!

What God does by killing all of the sinful bastards he had created with a flood, is set an example that he clearly demands his subsequent "children" must follow. After all, Jesus even tells us that, to avoid the fires of hell, we must strive to always "be like God." That the serpent in the Garden of Eden tempted Adam & Eve to engage in the "original sin" using the exact same desire, is always ignored by Christians.

Hence, to be like God is break the rules, in short. It is to kill anyone who fails to be live up to the standard that God (or his "believers") command people must live up to.

So, when the serpent said to Adam & Eve that by eating the fruit of that tree "they would become like God," what he meant was that by NOT obeying the rules, they would become like God, since God so clearly ignores the moral laws that he commands his human subjects to obey. That's why God can kill everyone o the planet and still be loved by people who call Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot "evil" for essentially doing the same thing. Ergo, to be like God is to ignore the rules set by God, since that is what God has always done.

For such "believers," the greatest sin in the world, and in fact all of the worlds problems, are always the result of people failing to "be like God." And as such, those "believers" believe it is their responsibility to correct such ungodly behaviors, by "being like God" themselves, and murdering the "unbelievers" in mass.

This is clearly what the Old Testament taught, and the Christians who based their "beliefs" on being like their God, Jesus, only ever strive to surpass the genocide of the Old Testament using the latest technology that God had helped humanity to produce.

Hence, to "be like God" is to kill all those who are not "being like God," which is exactly what God did with the flood in the first place. And every genocide that has ever followed is clearly the exercise of children who are only ever trying to "be like God" so they can save themselves from the hell that their Holy Father has prepared for them for failing to do so.

Oh Glory Glory gory gory hallelujah!  

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