Thursday, May 18, 2017

An Atheist's Interpretation of the Bible

When you're a "believer," you tend to simply accept what it is you're told to "believe" about the stories in the Bible. But if you stop simply "believing" what people tell you to believe, and risk going to hell if you choose to think for yourself about such stories, you begin to see the stories in the Bible in very different ways indeed.  And it's particularly interesting if you think about what the Bible may actually have to say about religion itself.

Take for example the Story of Adam  & Eve. Traditionally, "believers" see this story as an example of the fall of humanity from God's grace, and all because we wanted to be like God. John Milton, in Paradise Lost, describes Lucifer's fall from heaven in the same terms. What's more, if you think about it, Christ was crucified by the Sanhedrin after being blamed for pretty much the same thing.  And today, Christians preach that we must all be like Christ (i.e. like God) to reach heaven, even though all of these examples were similarly condemned for attempting to do just that.

Hence, the story of Adam & Eve and the Serpent in the tree, is much like the story of Christ on the cross with the two thieves crucified on either side of him. Like those thieves, Adam & Eve are said to have essentially stolen from God,through their disobedience. And like Cain and Able, one thief is guilty but repentant (Able was born with the stain of original sin but obeyed God), while the other is guilty and defiant (Cain was also born with the stain or original sin, but killed Able).

We can then see how the "knowledge" that would make them "like God, knowing right from wrong," promised to Adam & Eve by the serpent, was none other than religion itself, with all of it's claims to "infallibility," and to "know right from wrong," as if such knowledge had been whispered directly to such "believers" from God himself.

And out of an obstinacy that surpasses that of Lucifer in Paradise Lost, the obstinacy of religious devotion leads "believers" of all kinds to slaughter each other like Cain and Able. As such, Christians see themselves as Able and Islam as Cain, even as Muslims tend to see it quite the other way around.

Then there is Noah, who listened to "God" (i.e. nature itself) in understanding what the environment and the "climate" were telling him about the coming floods, while all those who condemned him as a fool, much like Conservatives and Climate changes deniers today, believed that their "beliefs" about the world were more right than Noah.

Today, many Conservatives Christians deny that Capitalism's greed is not only enslaving people with debt even as it poisons them with chemicals, but is in anyway responsible for environmental damage that may cause floods and worse.   Instead, they worship their "Conservative" pundits who are paid a fortune by the energy and oil sectors of the economy to tell them what good God fearing Christians should "believe" about climate issues.

It was the true believers, in other words, who refused to believe Noah's warnings about floods, much like the Christians and the political Conservatives who everywhere try to deny that our worship of the golden calf of Goldman Sachs, and its "love of money" it calls "the profit motive," is in anyway responsible for leading humanity to create a return of the biblical plagues and droughts, as scientists have increasingly pointed out.

Instead, for the Conservative Christian "true believer" who is devoted to trusting in the benevolence of their capitalist religion, the trouble is Cultural Marxism, Socialism, homosexuals, Liberals, Atheists, Muslims, etc etc. Like Mayans who knew the only way to reverse drought was to increase human sacrifice to the Gods, and Christians who know that Christ was no less a sacrifice to their own God for basically the same reasons, so the only way forward, the only way to alleviate the problems of the world for such "true believers," is to sacrifice an evil humanity the way Abraham sought to murder his own son, in order to show his absolute obedience to the will of God.

Yes, for the Christian, the way to fix the world is through the murder all of humanity, if need be, for failing to conform to "being like God," and the knife will be our nuclear weapons. Hence, the promise of the serpent is fulfilled when humanity, in its relentless quest to "be like God," insists that it knows "right from wrong." And to prove it, murders itself like Narcissus, just to prove it is willing to follow in the footsteps of it "Christ."

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