Monday, May 1, 2017

Transgenderism & How Some Christians Prefer to Hate

It is said that the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. Hate, in this respect, is simply one of the many ways that love can be expressed. And while not all Christians love to express their "love" through hate, there are clearly many who prefer to do so, even though they mask that hate, and the deep fear it emanates from, with any number of moral and religious justifications.

 And the "hate" that many of these Christians have for homosexuals and the transgender community are an example  of how a "religious belief" can often lead a person to be far more hateful than compassionate, far more self-righteous than empathetic,  and far, far more adamant about the infallibility of their purely human "beliefs" than they are accepting of any  God made "truth."

Those Catholics who "love" to hate those they label as "sinners" do so by playing God so they can deny the limits of their own human understanding. Such vanity is not uncommon among those who suffer from the delusion that their emotions are radioed to them from the "God" of the universe.

Like those who preferred to "believe" their faith allowed, or even required, burning people at the stake or enslaving Africans rather than consider that their own emotional addiction to an "idea" had possessed them with an evil that was even worse than Pazuzu possessing Reagan MacNeil in The Exorcist, so today many Christians prefer to believe that their "belief" in their God and their Bible gives them a license to fear and hate anyone who fails to conform to their "infallible" understandings about sex, sexuality, and gender. Oh, the humility!

And why? Because of their own terror of the "Hell" that awaits anyone who dares to think for themselves, or ever consider any evidence that suggests the understanding such people had when they were 7 years old could be wrong, or that "truth" should ever contradict their own special brand of infallible "beliefs." As Jesus was said to have preached so often to the masses, "Fuck truth! You can only get into heaven by "believing" the right shit!"

Such Catholics are so in love with their hate, in fact, that if the Catholic Church suddenly "infallibly" declared that it had been as wrong about it's understandings regarding homosexuality and gender as it had been about slavery and the solar system, rather than accepting such an infallible decree, those Catholics who trust their own emotions more than the Church they claim to love so much, would only conclude that the Church had been usurped by demonic forces instead.

This is how you know that such Catholics only worship their own "beliefs," and more importantly, their own emotional dependence upon those beliefs, rather than ever consider that their is any "truth" anywhere in the universe that contradicts their own personal infallibility - even if that "personal infallibility" were determined to be in error, "infallibly," by their own Catholic church.  

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