Tuesday, May 2, 2017

What Slavery Teaches Us About Religion

Slavery is and was, the widely accepted practice of "believing" that one race of people had the right to own another race of people. It was also the "belief" by that race of people who were owned, at least on some level, that it was right that they were owned.

These mutually supportive beliefs, from the owners to the owned, illustrates the nature of how a religion - any religion - works to poison the human mind into accepting and then even celebrating, the legitimacy of a system of enslavement, horror, and brutality. But none so much as when such horrors are done in the name of God.

The slave conformed to their slavery because they knew that whippings and hangings awaited those who challenged the socially accepted and religiously supported "belief" that slavery was both as legitimate and as holy, as the hand of God. This is true in every society, of course, about any widely accepted system of "beliefs" that the majority are emotionally addicted to - and none more so than religion. Hence, the "slave" learned first hand just how merciful the Lord Jesus Christ could be to all those who willingly bowed to the yoke of their enslavement, and how righteous he was to those who dared to question as much as Christ himself. 

Since most people never thought to question such widely accepted "beliefs" about slavery, they were far, far, less likely to question the even more widely accepted religion that supported and even fostered such slavery. Today, while there is a willingness of many to question the morality of the one, many are just as unwillingly to question the religion that only ever supported and perpetrated those horrors, and always for the twin evils of God and gold. Those twin evils have always served as the same golden calf that now posses both Christianity and capitalism. 

Is this simply an indictment of how evil religion truly is, when it lures people like a serpent in a tree to accept the unproven and often demonstrably false assumptions it proclaims everywhere to be infallibly "true," even though it knows full well they are not?

Not necessarily. In truth, religion is simply an example of how any "belief" can fool billions of people into drinking it's cool aid even as it is singularly designed to murder a person's free will just as much as it is intended to destroy their ability to exercise their reason. By addicting people to their endorphins, throngs of people worship their ignorance out of a love for the belief that they are "like God, knowing good from evil."

The serpent's promise in the garden of Eden is fulfilled in its truest form in religion, however. And the "priests" of such lies, who hide the rape of children by their fellow priests in the gullibility of those parents who, like Abraham, are willing to sacrifice their own children rather than question the infallible "truths" claims of their own holy and apostolic Church, turn their hatred not toward the very Church that selfishly protects and facilitates such rape and rapists, but toward anyone, anywhere who dares to challenge such hypocrisy as much as Christ challenged the hypocrisy of the Sanhedrin. Woe to such wolves in sheep's clothing, for they knowingly seek only to advance their own ignorance as their God, and their own emotionally stunted "beliefs" as if they were the will of God. 

They are slaves to their fears and their emotions, who devote their lives to the sole purpose of turning other people into slaves of the same fears and emotions, no matter how much bloodshed occurs as a result, and all for the glory of the golden calf of their "beliefs" that they falsely call "God."

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