Friday, May 19, 2017

UFOs & Apparations of The Virgin Mary

Some people claim to have seen UFOs, other's claim to have seen the Virgin Mary. How the hell should we tell which of these claims are true, especially since there is far more evidence for the former than the latter?

And if both claims are true, what are we to make of that?

Those who claim to have seen God, or the Virgin Mary, or any other such apparitions (how come people never claim to have apparitions of Mohammad or Moses, and so on?), are often convinced that they have been chosen to then enforce the rules of the religion she is associated with. But how could such people ever know that they were not simply the subject of an elaborate experiment/hoax/fraud, that managed only to fool them into believing they had seen the Virgin Mary, instead of having actually seen her?

The only answer such people can offer, of course, if "faith," which is just about the flimsiest answer anyone could ever offer to anyone else.

What should a person make of such an experience? Assuming the person who claims to have seen Mary actually did, in fact, see her, what should the person who hears this then take away from such an experience?

They might naturally wonder why Mary had not appeared to them as well. Did she appear to the first person because that person needed it more, or less, than the person she did not appear to?

If the first person reaches heaven and the second "non-seeer" ends up in hell, what might that tell us of the decision of Mary (Or God) to have given the first person the vision and not the second?

Is the person who is healed from a disease by "a miracle," more likely to devote themselves to their religion than the person who was not? And if so, why the special treatment for the one and not the other? Especially if it results in the former having the stronger faith that helps them to avoid hell in the final judgement than the latter.

The whole system seems incredibly unfair, on the one hand, and impossible to make any sense of, on the other.

But the only thing more entertaining than listening to people who have seen UFOs call those who claim to have seen the Virgin Mary "crazy," is listening to those who claim to have seen the Virgin Mary calling those who have claimed to have seen UFOs crazy.

At least those who have seen UFOs are not demanding that the only reason the world is going to shit is because homosexuals are allowed to kiss in public and on television, and are even demanding that they stop being treated like moral lepers by all those who claim to have seen the ghost of Mother Mary.

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