Saturday, May 27, 2017

It is Not the Lie of Christianity That Bothers Me

It is not the "lie" of Christianity that bothers me. It is the insult to one's intelligence, and the attempt to "gas light" someone into believing they are suffering from some mental defect, if they are unwilling to accept that their invisible soul is marred by an invisible cancer, that can only be healed by an invisible God,  who they are partially responsibly for murdering, who the local witch-doctor/priest can communicate with as if through an invisible walkie-talkie, so that they won't end up roasting like a pig at God's everlasting pig roast in the sky.

 And if you are unable to make sense of this story, that is so obviously "true" that the only people who would even ever THINK to question it are those who MUST be in league with Lucifer,  it is because, as the bible says so plainly, God has decided NOT to give you "the gift of faith." In other words, if you can't "believe" the Bible story is true, that your eternal soul MUST believe in to be "saved" (from God, no less), it is because God has prevented you from being able to do so. And because He has, he intends to send you to hell for forever. (Seriously...WTF is wrong with these people?????)

Christians then cover up this blatant "gas lighting" by couching it in terms of "needing" to believe, so people can have hope, be moral, and treat each other like human beings. In other words, for the Christian, human beings are worse than animals, but for their ability to "believe" in a story about a man-God we supposedly murdered in one of the most gruesome ways we could think of.

And thank God we did! For by butchering that man to death, we proved how worthy of God's love later generations could truly feel confident they were!

Anyone who bothers to ask any questions about this, or point out how truly insane anyone would have to be to believe it is "necessary" to avoid carnage here on earth (despite the fact Christianity has managed to surpass even the genocides perpetrated by the Israelites in the Old Testament) and eternal torment in the next life, is then treated as if they are missing a screw or something.

This is why they try and teach it to children, since children are far less likely to question their elders, not only because they have certainly not developed the ability to spot the contradictions and logical inconsistencies in such a story, but because the entire experience of the child is to OBEY their parents. In fact, it's actually one of the major Commandments!

Hence, to disobey your parent, who simply insists that you MUST "believe" such a story, so the child is taught, is actually a SIN that could land that child in hell forever!

This, and the fact that the entire story is designed, not as one might think a perfect and loving parent (i.e.  God) might write a story, but as a maniac who locks girls in his basement for sex like Ariel Castro did. It preys upon their fear and their sympathy for a tortured innocent man, and uses the unbelievable trauma of that man to illicit an emotional response, and to "guilt" that person into accepting such a story as "true."

So, FIRST, the parent teaches their child that it is a SIN to disobey them. THEN, those same parents teach their child that they must BELIEVE in a story of betrayal and murder, that only happened because people refused to BELIEVE in God.

How is this not the most masterful means of manipulation the devil could ever have come up with? And worse, how is it that "intelligent" and educated adults, feel compelled to impose this story on others, even by convincing those children who dare to doubt that it makes perfect sense that they are risking eternal damnation by doing so?

And all so those parents can simply feel comforted by a "belief" that they have become so emotionally addicted to and dependent upon - one that they necessarily derive all their meaning for life from and use to define their entire identity by - that for them to even consider that such a "belief" may not in fact be the same thing as "truth," often only provokes in them the same response Regan McNeil had in the movie The Exorcist, when Fr. Karrass duped her into believing the tap water he was sprinkling on her was holy water.

She writhed in pain and agony, for those who have not seen the movie, and screamed in a demonic voices, "it burns, it burns!!"

Mention to a christian that their "beliefs" do not mean they are "infallible" in their claims, nor are they necessarily the same thing as "the truth," and they often have the very same response. And they tend to do so, because the horrifying story of Christ's passion is specifically designed to use a person's amygdala - that part of the brain that controls our emotions and communicates information faster than the reasoning part of our brain called the cerebral cortex - to short circuit their ability to think rationally about their "beliefs," let alone admit to themselves how truly human and thus fallible they really are, and even less about the how they are only addling their children's mind by forcing them to be as emotionally dependent upon such a "belief" as they are.  

Worst of all, however, is the fact that every single Christian on the planet, throughout history, would NEVER accept or allow such brainwashing and emotional manipulation to be imposed upon them or their children, if it was being done in the name of anything else BUT Christianity.

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