Friday, May 5, 2017

God, King Kong, Racism & Religion

Have you ever noticed how much the story of King Kong is simply the story of Jesus Christ? The difference being that the former adapts the latter to support racism agaisnt non-whites, while the Christian religion was adapted to support racism agaisnt the Jews.

In King Kong, a blonde haired white woman (a virtual virgin, if not a literal one), is offered to appease King Kong. In the story of Jesus, who the West has long depicted as a blonde haired white man, who is not only a virgin but who also demonstrates that most effeminate nature of not fighting back, is sacrificed to God. In both stories, the "sacrificial lamb" is offered up to a larger than life creature that requires appeasement.

God's plan to kill Christ, and to subsequently have the Book of John record it in such as fashion as to suggest that God Himself wanted to fulminate antisemitism forever after, is presumably to stay the hand of God's anger with a disobedient humanity, lest He destroy us all as he had done with Noah.  Christ, in this sense, accepts that punishment in humanity's stead, even though such punishment is one we all so rightly deserve.

King Kong, on the other hand, fulminates racism by depicting dark skinned savages dragging a poor "innocent" white woman to a mountain top that is reminiscent of  Golgotha, and there, tied with arms outstretched like Christ crucified, she would be consumed by a beast who's appetite is much like Satan's desire for sin and God's desire for vengeance.

In this way, King Kong allows Western viewers to see blacks as the savages they (the audience) have always been conditioned to believe they were, even though it is the audience who, being both enlightened and civilized, feeling it their religious duty to attend a reenactment of a very similar such human sacrifice (only one that was much more brutal) every Sunday.

The true similarity, however, is how often the Christian feels like King Kong atop the empire State building being attacked by bi-planes, anytime anyone dares to disagree with the legitimacy of their "religious beliefs."  

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