Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mad About Abortion? Blame God

If you are one of those people who get hellfire angry about abortion, maybe you should blame God. Why?  Because God is directly contributing to abortion by giving the "gift of life" to people he already knows are going to have an abortion anyway.

On the one hand, Christians believe that all life is a "gift from God." On the other hand, they also believe that abortion is the murder of a baby, even if that "abortion" happens  immediately after conception, like with the RU486 "morning after" pill. But since God is omniscient, giving a gift to people who He knows don't want it, especially in instances of rape (what kind of "father" responds to hearing his daughter was raped by giving her a "gift of life" from her rapist?!), He is at least complicit in the "murder of children," as Christians claim. In short, God is guilty of entrapment.

Arguing that God allows people to get pregnant who He "knows" are going to have an abortion because they have free will, by the way, is like arguing that someone who is stone drunk should still be allowed to drive home even though you know they may very will die and/or kill someone, because it's their free choice. It's also like politicians who start a bogus war knowing full well that people are going to die, but then take no responsibility for the war they started by claiming that everyone who engages in it does so of their own free will.

What's more, the fact that plenty of Christians actually increase the number of abortions by denying contraceptives and birth control as "unnatural and sinful" -  even though there is nothing "natural" about forcing people to abstain from something as "natural" as sex until a Church says it's okay for them to have sex, according to certain rules defined by men who have decided to abstain from sex for the rest of their life -  is only one of the plethora of hypocrisies such Christians choose to simply ignore, or course.

So even though Christians believe that all life is a "gift from God," they can't explain why God keeps giving that gift to so many people who he knows will have an abortion, as well as those who not only don't want or can't afford children, but to people God knows are truly horrible "parents" as well, who He knows better than ANYONE should simply never be allowed to have kids in the first place. Nor can Christians explain why God keeps giving "the gift of life" to people who have far too many kids already.

Just look at Octomom, for example, the woman who gave birth to 8 kids at once, who already had 6 others to begin with. And Desmond Hatchett, a guy who at 33 had thirty children from 11 different women. How do Christians rationalize this as simply "part of God's plan"? And given all of the sterile people out there who are now spending fortunes trying to have children or adopt, why does God keep giving the "gift of life" to all of the wrong people? God is shipping out the "gift of life" like a maniac at a pizzeria who doesn't bother with the names or addresses of people ordering the pizzas.

NOTE: Just to be clear, many of the very same Christians who indirectly add to the number of abortions they complain about every year, by opposing contraceptives because they interfere with the natural means by which God decides to create life, are also spending  a fortune on fertility drugs and procedures to overcome the same "natural means" by which their same "God" may wish to limit the creation of life as well. But like the rich buying their way into heaven through indulgences prior to the Reformation, so the rich can always justify buying their way around "God's will."

 Certainly an all powerful and loving God would want to "save" children, and yet God not only does nothing to stop it, He actually contributes to it directly! This is like someone sending you spam in the mail that they know damn well is headed for the trash bin. But rather than taking any responsibility for the trash they are adding to and the trees they are cutting down to create it, they blame the people who keep throwing all of their spam in the trash for contributing to ever growing amount of trash in the world as a whole!

Like the children who were all killed by the Biblical King Herod in his blood quest to kill all the boys two years or younger in Bethlehem, in his attempt to squash out a potential political rival in the baby Jesus, God could just as easily stop abortions as He could've avoided the "massacre of innocence" by shifting the "dream" from Mary and Joseph to escape, to Herod himself. Had God done so, He could've deterred Herod from carrying out the massacre by either making him too afraid to (why does he only ever allow Saints to see what Hell looks like, for example?) or at least shown Herod that his fears of Jesus were  unfounded. After all, since Jesus said 'render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, he clearly posed no threat to a Roman king, unlike Barabbas.

But rather than using dreams to deter Herod from his cruelty, or even to alert any of the other victims, God choose to save himself instead, by slipping away in the dead of night, and without mentioning a word to anyone else, He let all of the "innocent" children of Bethlehem be brutally massacred.  And he did all of this, apparently, for no other reason that they he wanted to prove how important it was not to interfere with Herod's "free will," (unless it was to protect his own son, of course).

And what's really ironic about that is that God could've saved all of those children by allowing Herod do to do to the baby Jesus alone,  the very thing God intended to have the Sanhedrin and Pontius Pilate do to him some 30 years later.

So, why did God NOT tell anyone about what Herod was about to do? Would it really have been that hard, or against the rules of "free will," for God to tell even just one other person, besides Mary and Joseph, that old King Herod was about to turn Bethlehem into Rwanda?  Hell!, even Oscar Schindler and Nicholas Winton saved more children than that during the reign of King Hitler, and they were both atheists!

Indeed, many Christians simply ignore all of this and even argue that all of the children who God ruthlessly murdered in the great flood of Noah deserved to die!

And "poof!" just like that, the entire argument that "only with God can we have any objective basis for morality" disappears in the utterance of "believers" who get just as angry at women who are "pro-choice" as they get at anyone who questions their belief in God because they fail "to see the need or the morality of ruthlessly drowning toddlers in their cribs."

In short, if you are angry about abortion, then the one you should be trying to convince to change His ways, is not women who are as flawed and human as God created us all to be, but the very God who could freely choose NOT to let people get pregnant when he knows they are only going to get an abortion anyway.

But of course Christians would never do that, because they only care about being angry for God, not at him.

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