Friday, March 3, 2017

The Trouble With Homosexuality

In a "Christian Nation," where Phil Roberts and the Westboro Baptists "hate homosexuals," and believe they are the cause of every sin in the world, those who think homosexuality is simply a different way of being, are sometimes left to wonder why such "Christians" and Muslims think it is such a problem.

The obvious reasons usually have to do with religion and immorality, and it being an offense agaisnt nature or God, and that sort of thing. But even if all of that is true, we are still left to wonder why it is seen to be such a central obsession by those who claim to be so morally abhorred by it.

If it the "sin" such people claim, than their God will surely get them in the end, by sending the lot of them to hell, so the thinking goes. So why be so upset with them now, when there are so many other problems in the world to worry about?

In truth, the real problem with it probably has far, far less to do with it specifically, than with all those who have a problem with it.

Recent studies have lead psychologists to conclude that those who tend to show the most public outrage over something they see as being "immoral," like abortion or homosexuality, tend to be animated by their own sense of guilt on some levels. Not guilt over abortion or homosexuality, of course, although that can happen as well sometimes, but over their own complacency or contributions to other problem in their life, or the world, that they may feel either responsible for, or powerless to do anything about.

These two issues then, become something they feel they CAN do something about, and into their holy rage flows all of their angst about other issues they feel powerless to overcome.

But perhaps the biggest problem comes from a hyper masculine culture raised on testosterone, guns, violence, Tony Soprano, war, UFC, and the like. That culture leads mean to identify their masculinity with their ability to kill, or hurt others. It leads them to identify their guns with their sexual power. And it leads them to see anything as less than as masculine to be a threat to masculinity everywhere.

Homosexuals, therefore, are the trouble with a hyper-mascluine society, that identifies it's hyper masculinity with its sense of Christian morality and virtue. Hence, the effeminate male, or even the masculine female, are not only threats, but "sin" in a society that must only ever aspire to being ever more manly!

Homosexuals, in other words, are seen as both a disgrace to manhood, and to the super strong masculine ideal. And everything that's felt to be wrong with society, then, is traced back to, and blamed upon, those who fail to live up to that ideal.

As such, the same people who condemn homosexuality as a "choice," only pay lip service to those who "choose" to attack and denounce homosexuals, even though the former isn't a choice but the latter is. In, fact, for all those who condemn homosexuals of "choosing" to be homosexual, likewise claim their own "faith" was a choice, even though they don't feel they have the choice to "believe" - because, if they don't life will have no meaning, or they could end up in hell. 

That's the trouble with homosexuality - It's not homosexuality itself, but all those who feel so threatened by it.

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