Friday, March 24, 2017

God Proves We Do NOT Have Free Will

Christians love to argue that only if there is a God can we have free will, and that all atheists are determinists. The only problem with this argument is that its not true.

We are controlled by what we need, so the saying goes, and if we "need" God to be "happy" or find meaning or to believe in morality and justice, etc, than we are controlled by this "need." Hence, we are not truly "free" to chose what we want to believe if there is a God, and a hell, and so on.

In fact, God threatening us with an eternity in Hell if we fail to "believe" in him is far worse than ISIS threatening to cut off our heads if we do not "believe" in Islam, or Christians burning us at the stake for failing to admit we may be in league with their imaginary villain called Satan; because the former is torture for eternity while the latter two are over as soon as we are dead.

How then can a person who is threatened with an eternity in hell EVER be said to have the ability to choose to "believe" something or not?

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