Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Circular Reasoning of Religion

Religion is reducible to a system of circular reasoning, and nothing else. Hell means God is the only one who can save you from God.

Think about it - what is the biggest incentive for believing in God?

Some might say "to live forever in paradise." Well, okay, that might be nice. Maybe. But anyplace you're "stuck" in for eternity sounds like it would it would eventually start to feel like hell. Maybe that's why Lucifer and his minions wanted out.

But the bigger reason seems to be to avoid Hell.

But why the hell would God ever create hell in the first place? Because he knew he would one day create people that he also knew he'd have to throw into hell?

Why bother killing everyone with a flood, then, if by doing so you're only ensuring they all end up in hell that much sooner?

And who created hell again? Oh, right. God did.

So, the whole reason for "believing" in God is because NOT believing in God means that God will send you to hell?

So, God is the only one who can save you from God?

If God created Hell for people who failed to "believe" in him, people he had placed into a universe where there is not a single shred of evidence that indicates that there is ANY God at all, let alone a very specific kind of Christian God, then why the hell would there be any need for a Devil or demons?

I mean, if just NOT believing in God is enough to get you sent to hell forever, and since there's literally NO evidence of God ANYWHERE in the universe (sure, we can always find a way to interpret evidence to suggest there MAY be a God, but never enough to KNOW it - which is why religion is called 'faith," not FACT), then the whole system is set up for one exclusive purpose alone - it's a mind experiment.

Basically, if life is about "testing us," then we have to wonder what the "creator" gets out of testing us. Perhaps the "creator" is simply a machine, a computer, an artificial intelligence, that has created us, to learn from us. "It" is learning from us the way doctors learn from studying insects, or cancer, or bacteria, or a virus, or anything. 

For us, then, reality is simply Chinese water torture, in other words, for each of us to see just how long we can "believe" something despite the worst that existence (ie.God) can throw at us. And if you crack, or fail for a single second to believe (especially at the second of death) you win a glorious eternal stay in an Auschwitz  oven.

God is good.

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