Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Holy Genocide: Why Nothing Makes Murder More Moral Than Religion

Dennis Prager, like most Right Wing psychotics who are completely incapable of accepting anything that resembles reality (which is why they only ever try to demonize anyone who refuses to be suckered into their false claims to moral superiority packaged in religion) claims that there can be no basis for an objective morality without God. 

What is truly impressive about this claim is the number of people, both atheists and theists alike, who willingly swallow such undiluted horse sh!t! The TRUTH, however, is that you can ONLY EVER have an "objective morality" if there is NO GOD! And that's because God, who demands the brutal murder of his own son to forgive the same humanity he had previously decided to water board to death, loves,loves, LOVES to tell his "chosen people" to commit genocide, over and over again! That's why the book of Deuteronomy is basically a smorgasbord of God delighting in the gladiatorial genocide he repeatedly commands his children to  engage in.  

Think about it! God murders all of his creation when he realizes that humanity is just complete ... shit! And then decides, only later, that his "chosen people" will have to engage in numerous genocides against a lot of other people he created - people he created AFTER THE FLOOD! - because they sucked too!

Then he decides, in perhaps the greatest V8 moment of all time, that it would be best to have that miserable unrepentant bunch of cut throat humans, murder his "only" son instead. This, for Christians, is a perfect plan, from a "God" who is infinitely smarter than we will ever be. Brilliant!

(And all of this happens because Adam and his hermaphroditic sister-girl friend ate an apple from the most cunning, deadly, snake God had ever created, who in truth was probably a Southern Baptist "preacher," which God decided to drop smack in the middle of the  "perfect garden" he had made for his children, because he loved them. But just in case those thankless ingrates didn't love him back, God created hell, where he could torment them forever and ever and ever and ever and ever! Like a kid burning ants with a magnifying glass.  Amen!).

For Dennis Prager and other severely criminally insane theists, this amounts to a perfect plan of divine forgiveness. But not only that, this is the necessary God and religion that humanity MUST accept as true, in order for us to have any objective morality. But given the fact that the Old Testament is so full of commands by God to committ genocide after genocide after genocide, and the fact that even Moses slaughtered half of his follows right after he came down from Mt. Sinai with his "ten commandents" (which apperntly had not been ratified, so their "morality" was thus not yet in effect when he decided to order half of his followers to kill every man, woman, and child, who had dared to loose hope in a God that had lead them all to wander aimlessly around the desert for 40 years.)

 In other words, Moses killed all of these people, because God was "offended" than anyone had broken the First Commandment, even though they had not yet received the commandments in the first place. And even AFTER they had received the Commandments, Moses chose to ingnore them while he slaughtered them all for daring to be so impatient, even though many of them had died while wandering aimlessly around the desert.  And in so doing, a God who forbade people from having any God but him, was avenged for the insult to his vanity.


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