Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Question of God is the Answer

Christians often think of history as a narrative which is all "part of God's plan." Like Karl Marx, all of human history amounts to a slow unveiling of that plan, and we are both the actors on a stage made up of a material universe (Earth, to be specific), and the audience. Jesus Christ, so this story goes, came to earth in the form of a human being (if "man is not the measure of all things," why didn't he come in the form of a sacred cow or elephant or a platypus or something?) so that, through our brutal murder of him, he would eventually come to forgive us for the very "sins" he had previously drowned us all for in the days of Noah.

But that's the part of the plan religion wants us all to focus on exclusively, as completely insane as it so unmistakably is, so that we will fall deeply and irreparably in love with the idealized image it places in our heads; an idea about who we can one day aspire to be, and how we can, and will, one day be as "perfect!"as Jesus and God himself, and for all of eternity, if we but submit to God's love for us. And if we don't, He pours out his mercy for us all by pouring us into the molten lava that burns hotter than an Auschwitz oven - an oven HE created for us - called hell. "Praised" be his Holy name?

One can see how difficult it is for anyone who cares to consider this story for even ten seconds, to be true or even make much sense. Clearly, those that insist that it makes perfect sense all have a deep emotional need to "believe" it is true, for without such a story, they loose all meaning, hope, and sense of morality. But that only tells us more about such "believers" than it tells us anything about if such a thing as "God" exists - especially the sort of God that such people so desperately need to exist.

But that God would make some people who need such a story to be true, and others that clearly do not, and that the former would insist it MUST be true (presumably because they can "feel" it in their "soul" or something), even as the latter honestly admits that it makes absolutely no logical sense whatsoever, is itself evidence that God is either man made, or that his entire plan boils down to some sort of really sick joke. One sees God as the kindest loving father of all time, while the other sees a complete psychopath who murders his children, including his only son, and threatens to send the rest of humanity to an eternal torture chamber. I mean...WTF?!

In short, it is not a question of whether God exists that tells us anything about whether the Christian sort of God actually exists, but the fact that there is such a question in the first place, and that we can all come to an infinite variety of wildly different and conflicting answers to such a question, regardless of our level of experience, intelligence or stupidity on the subject, that tells us all we really need to know about what so many people claim to be "God."

 While Christians and Muslims claim God gave us the ability to reason so that we could find God through our discernment of his immutable and infinite moral "truths," we are left to wonder why such religions therefore prohibit and constrict the use of  that reason in such a search, through their laws agaisnt heresy and blasphemy and so on. 
Why would God create humans with the capacity to explain and discover "truths" through science, if finding such 'truths" only lead so many humans farther and farther away from any belief in God? This is even more disturbing if you consider that the entire purpose of our existence, according to Christianity and Islam, is to "believe" in God, and to hold on to that "belief" in faith, no matter what, regardless of evidence. But how the hell does that make any sense at all?

None of this tells us anything at all about the existence of "God" - which is a word so infinity abstract that it is impossible to ever be defined (which alone tells us something about those who throw it around as if they "know" definitely what it means, and what it does not mean).   It does tell us, however, that the problem is not in answering the question, since the question can never be answered (it can only be "believed" after all), but in realizing that the question itself is the answer.

While the Christian and the Muslim ask this question and think the answer is radioed to them from a God who lives in a different dimension, the atheist sees that those who think they have been gifted such an answer - who often think it is their duty to therefore FORCE everyone else to accept it, and live by it, and for which they are often willing to punish and even kill those who refuse to do so - are simply suffering from dementia.

In other words, the very people who used to burn people who were suffering from serious mental problems because they were convinced they were possibly possessed by evil spirits, may actually be suffering from serious mental problems themselves. It's just that, since there are so many of them who suffer from such dementia, rather than it being considered "abnormal," they conclude that anyone who is not as clearly insane as they are must be "abnormal" instead.

Religion, in other words, is a socially celebrated form of psychosis, one that can lead people who suffer from it to engage in all kinds of murders in the name of their collective insanity; and who so often act like "God, knowing right from wrong," as their own Bible tells them they would "believe," from their own Devil at that!, that they naturally conclude that THEY are what "God" (their collective delusion, that is) must have intended as the purpose for the entire universe!

And as the world becomes increasing complex, such insanity drives increasing numbers of people to crave the over simplified narrative of a Dad in the sky who will save us all from just how truly insane we have all become for our "beliefs." Oh joy!


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