Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Religious Beliefs Are A Burqa We Place On Others

If you want to know what religion really is, it's a kind of mental burqa - plain and simple.

A burqa is that potato sack that extremist Muslims force women to wear in some places, so that you can't see who they are. Muslim men force women to wear these Casper the friendly ghost outfits because men can't handle their own hormones, and feel that, rather than having to curb their own lust, they would rather force women to hide themselves instead.

How ironic, since Islam is supposed to be a religion that teaches you self discipline and to submit to the will of Allah, even as Muslim men who force women to wear these outfits - sometimes beating them viciously for daring to go out in public without them (they only have to wear them when in public, by the way) - are simply conceding that they obviously have no discipline in their sexual appetites at all. If they had any, after all, they wouldn't need to force the object of that lust to walk around under a blanket.

But this is how ALL religions work, if you think about it.

Like Islam in general, Christianity works by convincing people that by believing in God, people will be more moral, even though the Bible Belt in America is  also the gay porn belt, the divorce belt, the teen pregnancy belt, the meth belt, food stamp belt, welfare belt, poverty belt, low wage belt, HIV & STD belt, and also the area where the over 1000 mass shootings that took place after the Sandy Hook school shooting are heavily concentrated.

Again, it's ironic that the very "evil" that religious believers claim will come from a failure to believe in God, so often comes from religious believers themselves. It's a self fulfilling prophecy, in other words, but anyone who dares to point out such "truth" runs the risk of being crucified by Christians.

Religion, then, while it claims to make people better, actually only makes people more surreptitious in their sin. In fact, given these statistics, religion seems to only prove that the "ironic rebound effect" - the desire to want something more after you have decided to prohibit yourself from it, which is why people on diet tend to eat more and people who commit to quitting cigarettes tend to smoke more - ensures that prohibiting certain actions as "sinful" only results in people committing more of those "sins,"  from smoking to sugar consumption to sex.

Hence, religion does NOT produce the "good moral behavior" it boasts everywhere to produce, but more often it produces the very opposite. But rather than face this sad reality, religion wants to cover it up the same way Islam covers the shame of its sexual desire for women with a burqa.

In short, religion not only uses that burqa to hide it's own sins, but more importantly, it wants to force all those who make Christians "uncomfortable" by failing to conform to the way those Christians "believe" they should act, to stop acting in ways that make those Christians so god damned uncomfortable! "Those damn homo's need to stop making me feel so grossed out at the thought of them having anal sex!!" rather than those Christians taking the "personal responsibility" to stop "thinking" about something that 'grosses them out.'

 Rather than Christians or Muslims taking responsibility for themselves and for feeling uncomfortable by, say, homosexuals and transgendered people, Christians would rather label such people as "sinners" who need saving, and/or people who are delusional and need "conversion therapy" (which is a truly draconian attempt by religion to use clinical torture to force homosexuals to become heterosexuals).

And in this way, Christians force others to wear their beliefs like a burqa, by threatening them with hell and calling them names and declaring them to have a ruptured state of mind, while only ever insisting that it is not they (the Christians) who are ever possibly deluded in their moral judgements, nor are they ever being abusive in such assertions, but only showing them love by sharing "the truth."

There may be nothing more evil in the world than all those who practice such unmistakable malevolence while calling it morality.

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