Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Why Christians Oppose Evolution

Christians do not simply oppose evolution because many of them find it offensive to think they may have evolved from apes (even though that is NOT what the theory of evolution actually claims, but "believers" believe what they prefer, not what is factual), but because there tend to oppose the whole idea of "evolving" at all.

Put another way, evolution is contrary to Christians because Christians believe it is the greatest moral virtue of all to simply refuse to evolve in their thinking, except as they think you should "evolve" in Christ.

For them, their ideas are not simply a couple of thousand years old, but predate the existence of the universe. They are "moral laws" that were written even before there was ever anyone in the universe to obey them.

So, for like 14 billion years, God's moral laws lay completely fallow, unnoticed or relied upon, until rational creatures like us showed up about 5 million years ago or so, and then, gradually, as we grew up, we were expected to discern what they were so we could learn to be moral toward each other, even though we were also expected to murder all those who refused to accept those moral laws, once God had written them in stone in a brick-mail and handed them to Moses (which was obviously why Moses killed all those who worshiped the golden calf, of course).


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