Thursday, March 9, 2017

Beliefs Are the Greatest Evil

The most evil thing in the world is the belief that people are evil.

Sure, serial killers and Adolf Hitler are "evil," but that is only because they murder people. But Adolf Hitler murdered Jews he believed were "evil," and serial killers are people who clearly have something wrong with their mind. We can call them both "evil," but doing so does nothing to save us from such people, nor does it in anyway prove there is a God (who is alone responsible for creating such people). 

But to define people as "evil" only justifies other people in engaging in evil. Once we decide that Muslims or Atheists or Christians or Nazi's or Jews are evil, we are justifying the use of evil to combat those we see as evil.

If our eternal soul hangs like the sword of Damocles over an eternal fire pit, as religion would have us all believe, than anyone who threatens to cut the single thread upon which it is suspended is the greatest threat to us all. They are a far greater threat to us than terrorists or cancer or even Satan, of course, since deranged minds, diseases and demons can only tempt and destroy our bodies! But those that we label to be truly "evil" threaten to send us to eternal hell, and our children along with us.

That is why homosexuals and the transgendered must be feared far more than terrorism or climate change, because the latter problems are temporary, while the former are feared to be as in league with Lucifer as those who Christians once burned as "Witches" for the same reason. Such "evil" people threaten to anger an ever merciful God to such a degree, that humanity may eventually loose all semblance of morality, as God himself decides to withdraw his grace and protection, as humanity collectively chooses to piss off the almighty by daring to think for itself, or even worse, to "treat others as we would want to be treated" - Heaven forbid!

And in the wake that will follow, men will wear dresses like those toga wearing Greeks and  drunk college students at frat parties, and women will wear jeans, like those feminists who dare to suggest they should have as much say over their own bodies as gun totting Christians have over their guns. Anyone who wants to limit the power of government to control our bodies is labeled a "baby killer," of course, by anyone who champions their guns, and thus their God given right to murder anyone telling THEM what to do, or think, or believe (especially anyone who tries to advance the "normalcy" of homosexuality or transgenderism  as more "normal" than Loving a God who told Abraham to murder his own son, who killed all of the "sinful sons of bitches" he alone was responsible for creating, who commanded his "chosen people" to commit over 30 different acts of GENOCIDE, and who then bragged about it in their "bible," and who eventually decided to "forgive" his problem children for disobeying his command NOT to eat from a certain tree by planning to have them all murder his OWN son), is considered a moral, righteous, patriot. (Personally, I think they are completely fucking insane - but what do I know.)

And in the process, all of hell will be unleashed on earth, God will abandon those he made so evil to the devils he decided to leave unchained, like an owner leaving his rapid dogs to roam the neighborhood rather than close the gate to his own yard; and all of morality and humanity will plunge irreparably into chaos and darkness. And the gnashing of teeth will be heard to cry out from the fiery pit of hell "Oh if ONLY men and women had chosen to remain in their gender lanes on the highway of life! If only!..Then so much evil would never have taken over the world, and hell would not be filled with the throngs that God so loved he decided to torture them for eternity for failing to adhere to their assigned genders!"

That is the kind of "evil" that seeks only to blame and attack all those for being different, because they fear God like an even bigger bully, will torture them if they don't. Like Saddam Hussein forcing his elite guard to fight during the First Iraq War by threatening to shoot them if they did not, so God forces us to CONDEMN anyone who we fear as "different" as "broken" as "sinful" as EVIL, for fear that by not speaking up for eternal everlasting TRUTH, that truth will perish from all of humanity..along with all of human salvation.

This is the height of human insanity, of course, still practiced by the most medieval of minds in the human race, who condemn ISIS on the one had while adopting their same thinking as their own. It is not people who are evil, but our ideas about who is evil. Ideas themselves are evil, not the people who cling to them out of fear that a pyschopathic GOD will torture us all in HELL if we do NOT defend Truth by ATTACKING those we fear, fail to understand, and believe are dragging us all to hell.

As Anton Checkov summed it up...

Little by little a messy kettle of fish began stewing, fueled by antisemitism, a fuel that reeks of the slaughterhouse.  When something is wrong within us we seek the cause from without, and before long we find it: it was the French who messed things up, it was the Yids, it was Wilhelm... Capitalism, the Masons, the syndicate, the Jesuits... all phantoms! But how they ease our anxieties.

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