Saturday, March 18, 2017

Transgenderism: Chormosomal Truth vs Catechical Catholic Beliefs

There is a joke about a drowning man who prayed to god to save him. He is sitting on the roof of his house, so the joke goes, as the water is rising all around him. So he prays for God to save him,"Please save me dear God, I believe in you, and my beliefs are strong."

Moments later a rowboat shows up and the guy in it says, "Jump in and I'll save you." The man, devoted to the strength of his beliefs more than anything else, says "No thank you. I put my faith in God, and God will save me." So the row boat rows away. Again, the man prays, "God, save me. I believe in you and my beliefs are strong. And as it says in the Bible, with a mustard seed of faith, we can move mountains."

Long story short, a submarine and a helicopter show up thereafter, one after the other, and both times the man sitting on his roof tells them 'No thanks. My God will save me, my beliefs are strong." The man eventually drowns of course, and when confronted by God (who no doubt has a "WTF!?" look on his face) the man says, "God, what happened?! I put my belief in you and you did not save me. Why? I do not understand?"

And God looked at him and said, "Listen up shitferbrains! I sent you a rowboat, a submarine, and a helicopter. What the hell else do you want for me?! What you "don't understand," God could've continued, "is that your "beliefs" are not an excuse for ignoring the evidence of my attempts to save you from being a raving fucking idiot! Didn't you ever read St. Augustine's 'The Literal Meaning of Genesis?" 

While most people interpret this joke in light of extremely religious parents who out of a blind faith in their religion let their children die of a simple medical condition, trusting that God will save them instead of modern medicine, it also illustrates on a much broader scale, how so many Christians and religious "believers" in general, prefer to simply follow their "beliefs" - often because they have spent their whole lives learning about them, and now they cannot accept that their interpretations, after countless hours of faithful devotion, could ever be wrong - rather than consider the rowboat, the submarine, and the helicopter of evidence that God has sent them to learn from.

The Church's "beliefs" about transgenderism, in this case, lead countless people to drown in their beliefs rather than accept the evidences that God has placed all around them, like Easter eggs just waiting for the "faithful" to discover. They tend to do this, thanks to their "baptism" of beliefs which washes away their "sins" in a dopamine induced state of euphoria, because their euphoric addiction only produces a hardening of their hearts, out of a pride for their beliefs. As it says in the book of Jeremiah, the blinders of their beliefs lead them to "have eyes but cannot see, and ears but cannot hear," and instead, by the power of their own confirmation bias, they only ever work to remove the speck of dust in the eyes of others, while praying ceaselessly to the cross shape plank in their own.

So what are the genetic evidences that so many "believers" are willfully ignoring out of a prideful preference for their own righteous yet delusional beliefs about gender? "Oh, let us count the ways..."

The most obvious example of how "believers" are wrong comes in the form of hermaphrodites, who are today referred to as "intersexed" individuals. Used to describe any person incompatible with the biological gender binary, the term "intersex" describes "a wide variety of combinations of what are considered male and female biology." Rather than being clearly male or female, intersex people possess (or are "made by God with) both the XX and the XY chromosomal pairs.  "In botany, this term it is used to describe a flower that has both staminate (male, pollen-producing) and carpellate (female, ovule-producing) parts." 

While hermaphrodites are rare, they demonstrate that sexual assignment, and by extension gender, and even "sexuality,"  are all more complicated and dynamic than any binary prison religion can dream up. How can someone be "hetero or homosexual," for example, if they are both male and female, in both their gender (psychologically) and their sexual assignment (biologically)?

 The Church, which starts with the proposition that we are all born cursed and commanded to be well, or sent to hell if we refuse, believes it is best to start with the perspective that such people are simply "broken." Since it treats everyone in this way, while claiming it alone has the cure (directly from God, of course, the very "deity" who made us all so sick in the first place, but not Jesus and Mary), it simply does the same thing with anyone who fails to conform with what the Church claims is "right behavior." And while it's true the Church has not decided to burn such people at the stake as of yet, it never bothers to explain why it is better to start from the position that everyone is "broken" and needs fixing, instead of assuming they are perfectly normal, but perhaps "different." 

But hermaphrodites are simply the rowboat sent by "God," so to say, to help save people who are drowning in their mistaken "beliefs" about gender, and all out of a nearly blind devotion to wanting God to save them from all those they fear. Rather than wanting to do the truly hard work of picking of the cross of walking in someone else's shoes, in other words, and thus "dying to self" (since people wholly identify themselves with their "beliefs"),  most "believers" would rather send people to hell rather than consider they could ever be wrong or immoral in their "beliefs." 

In fact, just telling Christians they are wrong about anything, only convinces them they MUST be right, for as the Bible says,  "happy are those who persecute you for my sake, and who insult you, for great will be your rewards in heaven." Religion, in other words, works like Amway, and the more crap someone gives you for refusing to consider ANY evidence that shows you are just being an asshole and nothing but an incorrigible brat,  the more you know you're a "child" of God. 

 Hence Christians often justify how horrendously they treat everyone who is different from them, by thinking that by doing so, they are actually the one's who are being persecuted for simply pointing out the truth of "God."  It never occurs to them that the only "god" they are worshiping by doing this is themselves.  

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