Thursday, March 23, 2017

How Christianity Uses Murder To Validate Its Claims

Talk to religious people enough, and they will invariably make the fallacious argument that Christianity has proven itself to be valid because it has dominated Western thought for 2000 years. But this is like saying that America has validated Christianity through the murder of some 20 million Native Americans.

So how has Christianity and it's views about everything, especially sexual rules that are imposed on the minds of its adherents like a chastity belt? No through the beauty and "truth" of God's sacred moral laws, but by treating all those who dare to question it's validity worse than the Roman's who tortured and murdered Christ himself.  As the Roman Empire treated Christ, so the Roman Catholic Church has treated "the body of Christ" (i.e. humanity). And both are treated with such brutality and murder for the very same reason - for daring to question the authority of those who claim to speak infallibly for God.

As Dr. Madalyn Murray O'Hair put it:

But Christianity is still "the holy word of God." All the people who engaged in these foul deeds, or raped children and all the rest, only prove that Christianity's claim that we are all born suffering from an imaginary cancer called "original sin" MUST be true!

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