Thursday, March 16, 2017

Transgenderism: Fr. Mike and The Omniscience Fallacy

When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
 Abraham Maslow

Beliefs are the tail that wags the dog of truth. Like a colored lens, what we see is not how things are, but how we are, and how our own "beliefs" color them to be. And over this subjective difference of opinion about what is "true," people demand that God is always and everywhere on THEIR side. And because he always is, they all chase salvation by gleefully feeding themselves or others to the lions, out of their obstinate denial of reality, and they defend their "beliefs" (which only ever reinforce their fears) with all of the pride of Lucifer castigating God himself.

Fr. Mike Schmitz offered the Catholic Church's unabashed denial of reality recently on the Ascension Press Facebook page, by concluding that every problem must be a spiritual one, since  the only tool he has is his religion.

Since his "faith in Christ" had given him the omniscience of God in understanding anyone and everyone who has ever (or ever will) define themselves as "transgendered," Fr. Mike concluded that "transgenderism" amounted to nothing more than people suffering from emotional problems. (To be clear, Fr. Mike speaks for a Church that includes billions of people, that is arguing that "transgendered people" are simply confused about their gender because they have emotional problems. He also appears to think that NONE of those "emotional problems" could ever be the result of his own religion claiming that God had proclaimed, though his One True Church, that all of these people are "broken" and confused about their "gender, not because of genetics, but because of their deep emotional problems, and NOTHING ELSE! WTF is this guy smoking exactly?! This is like arguing that all slaves who run away from their masters must be suffering from the mental disease called "drapedomania," as Samuel Cartwright argued in 1851, because the bible supported slavery.)

Preferring the mustard seed of his own beliefs to the mountains of physical evidence to the contrary, Fr. Mike spoke with all of the omniscience of God (apparently) in determining that the only splinter that needed to be removed from anyone's vision about transgenderism sat squarely in the eye of those who define themselves as transgendered. Miraculously, however, he managed to completely ignore the battleship size plank in his own.  And since "catholic" means universal, his claims amount to the Church declaring once and for all what humanity, and human "gender" more specifically, are for everyone, everywhere, for forever and ever - amen!

Such "infallible" declarations that presume to know everything that could ever be known about gender to form such an opinion in the first place, and from nothing but reading and indeed obsessing about a Christian Bible no less, is what we could call the omniscience fallacy, which is the presumption that one religion or person can necessarily know either the infinite mind of God infallibly, or to know all of humanity throughout history, in all of it's near infinite varieties, and to have discerned what it all means infallibly.    

That Fr. Mike denies that his "Catholic beliefs" are warping his interpretation of reality to a level that he can simply assume his perspective is one based on such "omniscience, is made all the more ironic by the fact that he claims it is those who identify as "transgendered" who are the ones suffering from a warped sense of reality. Even though it is his own Catholicism that claims we are ALL suffering from such a "warped sense of reality," thanks to the fact we are all born infected with original sin,  Fr. Mike wants the world to "believe" that his own "beliefs"  in God have apparently allowed him to see objective reality for what God has always intended it to be - a binary prison of gender conformity.

The trouble is that, if we accept Fr. Mike's religion as legitimate, than we are left to wonder why he fails to notice how his Church's claim that it alone has the divine knowledge necessary to discern "objective reality" with all of the infallibility of God, in addition to being able to know exactly what it all means "objectively" speaking, why.. why does this all sound so much like the promise made by the serpent in the Garden of Eden to Adam and Eve?

As the serpent is said to have promised, if Eve would eat from the Tree of (presumably "divine") Knowledge, they would "be like God, knowing right from wrong" (as if anyone but Jesus or Lucifer would dare to suggest they know all of history, and all of humanity, and know unmistakably what it all means, and how and why we must be one way or another, and with complete infallible certainty). But by far the greatest miracle of such claims is that Christians insist they make them all in the name of nothing but pure "humility". (I think they spelled "hypocrisy" wrong.)

And given the fact that biologists have concluded humanity may have all originated from hermaphrodites, it is quite possible that the "lie" the serpent intended to dupe us with was getting us to think we were not already like God to begin with! After all, if Eve was made from Adam's rib, then they both shared either the XX or XY chromosomal pairs. Further more, if we have all descended from these hermaphroditic parents, who then only had THREE SONS (let that sink in for a minute, by the way) than how are we not ALL TRANSGENDERED?

 What's more, if there is only "One God" then "He" would necessarily need to be both genders simultaneously as well (because to declare God to be a "He" only implies the existence of a "She" god), then the "lie" was that we were not already "like God" we He made us all hermaphrodites to begin with!

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