Friday, March 17, 2017

There's No Atheist's in Foxholes?

You know why there's no atheist's in foxholes? Because only a person who believes they will go to heaven for killing other people, mostly because they were told to do so by some authority figure they were taught their entire life they must simply "believe" as the unquestionable holy authority on all things concerning morality, would be stupid enough to believe that they are exempted from the commandment "thou shalt not kill" when they feel in their hearts it's perfectly moral to do so.

This fact is always overlooked by "believers" who argue that more wars are started by atheists than Christians or Muslims. Even though this is clearly not true, it would not matter if it was. After all, even if ALL wars were started by atheists, that would not change the fact that the vast majority of people who were willing to kill and die in them were people who "believed" in God.

That's why there are no "atheists" in foxholes, because the atheist questions authority, as Christ did; because the atheist does not simply "obey" some holy authority figure in a funny hat or with a funny mustache; because the atheist does not simply accept unsubstantiated fairy tales about a superhero who turns death into something everyone should aspire to; because the atheist knows the difference between "truth" and a "belief," and knows they could be equally wrong about either one; because the atheist doesn't feel their eternal soul is in jeopardy of hell for the sin of daring to change their mind; because the atheist can actually accept people for who they are, by being able to accept who they are, without allowing their emotions to convince them they need to burn people at the stake or engage in genocide for the glory of their flood killing God, like the Hebrews of old, just because they are truly terrified of  their God even more than they are of those who are different from them; because the atheist does not live in the fear that those who are different will infect their soul and lead it to an eternal torture chamber, and then dupe themselves into believing their hate is really "the love of God."

There are no atheists in foxholes because the atheist thinks for them self. The "believer," on the other hand, simply "believes" whoever they are told is the enemy, and will gladly rush out and kill them all for Christ and the love of God, because Christ clearly wanted us all to worship the 2nd Amendment of the constitution more than life itself! Guns and bombs and the war machine are the messiahs of the "believer," because even though they rage about how they are the only ones who have any grounding in morality, and boast everywhere of how they are the only one's who defend life in a culture of death, they pray only to the god of war, and guns, and bombs, and horror and fear, and genocide.

There are no atheists in foxholes, because only devotee's of God worship war, and would willingly murder everyone on the planet to please him. God be praised. Lock and load. . And down goes humanity in a hail of bullets and "glory glory Hallelujahs!" 

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