Friday, April 14, 2017

How Hell is A Reflection of How God Can Never Forgive

People who justify the existence of hell argue that our sin and unwillingness to repent is what earns us a spot in hell. More to the point, they argue that God does not send people to hell, so much as people chose to go to hell. But what kind of a lunatic would willingly chose to throw themselves into a lake of fire, where they will burn alive forever and ever?

In truth, hell is simply proof that the Christian God does not exist. As Christians so often say, there is no offense that God cannot forgive, except apparently the sin of failing to ask to be forgiven for committing a "sin" that a person may not have even known they were committing, agaisnt a "being" that that same person may not have known even existed. What the hell is that all about?

But to say that people earn hell by being unrepentant says much more about God than it does about sinners.

Think about it: if we hold a grudge and refuse or are unable to forgive someone, simply because they refuse to ask for forgiveness, that only proves that our own happiness or release from that grudge, now necessarily depends upon the person who may have wronged us.

If a mother refuses to forgive a person who murdered her son, for example, it is the mother who is bound more by her unwillingness to forgive than the murderer. And if God similarly is unable to forgive someone who is too stubborn or proud or ignorant to understand that they have given an infinite being offense, then it is God that is the one who is being the smaller person, since he is so infinitely better than we at everything - including forgiving those who are unable to ask for forgiveness, usually because they are Christians.

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