Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Cross My Heart & Hope to Die

Corporations pour a ton of cancer causing chemicals into our food these days, from pesticides to preservatives, for the sole purpose of maximizing their profits at the expense of human health. This, along with the over saturation of society with everything from sugar to electromagnetic radiation,  and the ever mounting stress from ever growing dept needed just to barely survive today, only makes the ever worsening and increasingly precarious working environment that much harder to bare from day to day.

It's no wonder more and more people are opting to kill themselves rather than get up and drag themselves to a job they hate more than the prospect of hell, just so they can continue to be nothing more than an economic battery in a system that has reduced everyone to a series of numbers on a screen like the Matrix.

This system runs purely on death, by the way, from the Military Industrial Complex that robs the American taxpayer by seducing them with war and destruction and terrifying them with threats from "all those who hate our freedoms," to the "for profit" pharmaceutical and health care industry that sees all of the diseases our consumerist society has created as a perfect opportunity to make a financial killing off of all those that corporate America is slowing trying to kill. Praise Joel Olsteen!

And since all of this only ensures that more and more people will need more and more healthcare services that they can't afford - which means that more people will end up having to put up with "for-profit" healthcare services that are even worse than those provided by the worst socialist or communist healthcare systems in the world - the financial bonanza that Wall Street investors hope to enjoy from an sicker and sicker population becomes the real reason why doctor assisted suicide remains illegal.

For all of the brainwashing that Christians have embraced in the name of their moral righteousness, the truth is that the only reason physician assisted suicide is illegal has nothing to do with the value of life,  which such morally minded Christians readily point out in their protests about abortion (even as they support ever more war and the "freedom" of health care insurance companies to pursue ever greater profits at the expense of human life, without being molested by government regulations imposed by "socialist democrats").

Instead, it only has to do with allowing corporation demigods to continue to suck people financially dry while convincing them that they are only here to help.

This growing demand for medical attention by a free-market-murder-system only ensures the sky rocketing costs of healthcare means fatalities rates rise in tandem with record profits. And all of this murder and death for profit, Conservative Christians worship like a golden calf, and gladly, gleefully, and with all of the euphoria of John the Baptist tripping on peyote and his own endorphins, praise God and America as the greatest Christian nation "god" has ever created!

But who has time for any of this. Hi ho, Hi ho, it's off to work we go. No wonder so many people only hope to die.

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