Friday, April 7, 2017

The Higgs Boson & The Hubris of Human Intelligence

When the theist looks at the world, the universe, or even history, they see an author who is orchestrating it all like a narrative building to some great crescendo that will disclose the meaning of everything in the end, like a magician who will eventually divulge all of his secrets to his audience.

The theist never notices, of course, that their own "intelligence" is the very thing they see in the stars, in the atom, or even in history, and not the intelligence of an infinitely more intelligent "beings" who has both enlightened us enough, and dumbed down the universe sufficiently, that we can discover his providential handwriting in everything.

Consider the amount of hubris such an idea requires on the part of the lowly fallible human, to conclude that they, alone among all other species (perhaps in the universe), have been given the sole ability to spy the invisible hand of God in everything; and for no other reason than that we may know we should abstain from sex before marriage and not to eat meat on Fridays during lent.

But what if there is always an infinite amount of information that lay beyond the pale of human intelligence, that we are either forever barred from accessing due to our limitations, or that we can only ever access over an infinite amount of time, which we clearly do not have.

Like the Higgs Boson, for example, how can we know there is not an infinite number of other "Higgs bosons" operating within everything we can investigate, or like string theory even, that is not only impossible for us to prove (both today and in the foreseeable future), but is impossible for us to ever exclude from being a necessary part f understanding anything and everything.

It is only our hubris alone that leads us to always conclude that we are right on the cusp of discovering all there is to know about everything, even though we never are.

Yet to look into the sky and conclude that it was all put there by a God, and a very particular kind of Christian God at that, for our sole benefit, is to assume to possess an intelligence on par with the very God who created the universe, ourselves, and even our intelligence. And every argument or "belief" for God necessarily operates with these, and myriad other such assumptions, at their very core.

It is this ultimate human hubris that the Christian blindly follows about and worships in their "beliefs," and all the while calling it "humility."

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