Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Adulterers & Witches: Salvation by Damantion

Centuries ago, when people with 'mental problems' were accused of being "witches" and burned at the stake for being different, the worst and by far the most prevalent "mental problem" in society at that time was one suffered by all those who labeled anyone who was "different" as a "witch."

That kind of mental problem was not seen as a mental problem at all, of course, but as a necessary "belief" that every God-fearing person was expected to make in order for them to be moral.  Such a "belief" was so ubiquitous, in fact, that it never occurred to the vast majority who suffered from it that it was they -  since their own religion made it a moral, and sometimes even a legal, requirement to demonize anyone who disagreed with the majorities views about God, religion, or the hereafter - who were actually the one's suffering from the truly dangerous and often homicidal 'mental problem.'

Despite the hubris that technology inflicts upon our perspective of the past, this same "mental problem" still leads countless numbers of "Christians" to demonize anyone and everyone who dares to live their life outside of the moral boundaries that they, out of as much fear of hell as lust for heaven, seek with God like infallibility to impose over all of society.  

That such people proudly chose to worship only their "belief" about God, rather than humbly consider the evidence that their "God" has stuffed into every atom of the universe to the contrary, is perhaps the greatest act of self deception seen since a serpent is said to have famously fooled humanity's incestuous progenitors in a garden not long after time began.  Yet it is exactly this heedless devotion and blind worship of  the "god" of one's own "beliefs" that has always lead humans to conclude that the act of stoning a woman to death in the street is somehow always a far more moral and God like action than that she should be allowed to get away with adultery.

It is a wildly curious thing indeed that the authors of this bible story never thought to mention the whereabouts of the felonious husband in all of this.  But it would be no stretch of the imagination to surmise that he was the one holding the biggest stones of all. In fact,when Jesus said, "He who is without sin cast the first stone," what he probably meant was "Any of you who have not likewise already committed adultery with Mary Magdalene - and probably numerous times! - go ahead and start chucking!"

Yet this is the curious way in which men who see themselves as saints have always blamed women for their sins, from St. Augustine who had learned from frequenting the many brothels of Rome that sex was a  shameful and degrading activity, to ISIS and the Taliban forcing women to walk around under a potato sack. Hence the saint is anyone who is enlightened enough about women and sex to understand just how disgusting God had always intended both of them to truly be.           

Of course, the witch and the adulterer are but two sides of the same sin, as far as the Christian is concerned, since the infallibility of their own God-like view of all things moral requires them to declare loudly and proudly how better the world would be if everyone simply chose to stop living and thinking for themselves, and instead become perfect like Eichmann's for their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

That way, the only people who would be bludgeoned to death for God would be the one's Jesus had intended  his holy Inquisitions to destroy in the first place.   And every good Christian knows that.

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