Thursday, April 6, 2017

Telephoning Beliefs: How the Fallible sell the Infallible to Other Fallibles

If you have ever played the "telephone game," where one person whispers a message into the ear of the next person, who whispers it into the ear of the person next to them, and so on for as many people as there may be, you know that by the time the message reaches the last person, it is likely to be quite distorted indeed.

 And the more people playing the game, the more distorted the message will likely be when it comes back to the person who started the process. Yet despite the fact that such distortion occurs, religion wants everyone on the planet to believe that - when it comes to a message from God, transmitted across thousands of years - no such distortion has ever crept into the infallible message being communicated, even though the message has only ever been communicated in exactly this way, by incredibly fallible people.

In fact, the very message being communicated, which comes in the form of a Bible, even tells all of those people who are running around joyously communicating that "infallible" message, just how incredibly flawed and fallible they truly are. Yet the obvious paradox never once gives those fallible people pause, when they are running around asserting just how infallible the message is they want everyone else to accept as if their very souls depend on it.  

Now, consider just how improbable it is, that such distortion would never in anyway creep into the 'infallible' message of God Christians so wish to communicate, even though it always does with every other message that has ever been communicated in similar fashion, by such fallible beings. In fact, even computers are not perfect in their communications, as they can drop packets or connections and so on. But even though every communication human beings can have is subject to such distortions, even when it is face to face between only two people, Christians would have us believe that humanity, with all of its fallibility, can communicate this single message, with more accuracy and precision than computers. Talk about a miracle. 

This fact, which is probably more improbable than even the galaxy itself coming together, is even more strange when we consider that so many Christians readily admit just how often previous Christians have so clearly gotten things wrong in the application of their "infallible" message, such as using it to justify torture, crusades, inquisitions, slavery, witch burnings, anti-Semitism and pogroms against Jews, and even covering up child rape.  Despite all of these examples of where previous Christians have so clearly applied that "infallible" message with such incredible fallibility, this does not deter a single Christian from considering that maybe, just maybe, the "infallible" message itself was corrupted in the scrum of history.

Furthermore, even the very "God" such a message is supposedly being communicated about (i.e. Jesus) seems to have chosen quite deliberately to have never written down a single word. What is truly miraculous about this fact is that Christians never seem to give it a single thought. In other words, if we are called to "be like Christ," as Christians so often claim, then the very act of writing the New Testament was the most anti-Christ thing anyone could've ever done. But, alas, not for the Christian who wants to "believe" they are acting like Christ when they are so often only trying to prove they are right to believe their Bible story, rather than actually trying to find anything that resembles "truth."  

None of this would matter much, of course, except that the entire point of our existence, and indeed of the existence of everything in the universe and beyond - if the Christian narrative is to be believed - is that we must eventually find a way to "believe" in God, and his only Son Jesus Christ, or potentially be damned to hell for all of eternity for failing to find a way to do so. And the fact that eternity hangs in the balance on this decision, is why leaving every single human soul that has ever existed, to depend on the "telephone game" for transmitting "infallible truth" via their own infinitely fallible selves, is a system that could not be more insane, if not purely evil, than any other system one could ever "intelligently design."

This is like teaching a class about Shakespeare by whispering passages into the ears of children in a first grade class of several thousand, and then having those children whisper those passages not only among themselves, but then to the second grade class above them, and they to the third grade class, and on and on up through college and even into post graduate studies. And then, and only then, after those passages have been transmitted across classrooms filled with people from every walk of life, administering a final exam to a class filled with students, who must all believe they know everything necessary about Shakespeare himself, from only having ever heard passages from his plays.

And to motivate these students, by the way, each is threatened with being thrown into a furnace in the basement that will be used to heat the school for all those who pass. THIS, to Christians, is the most absolutely BRILLIANT PLAN GOD could have EVER come up with!

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