Saturday, April 1, 2017

Are Christians Simply Insane?

89% of American Christians voted for Donald Trump, a person who is clearly the most anti-Christ figure the Religious right has ever embraced as its own messianic golden calf. In Germany during WW II, the population who obediently executed millions of Jews and other undesirables - including homosexuals, gypsies, and even Catholics -   was 99% Christian. Slavery and it's horrors and even the execution of tens of thousands of people labeled by religious fanatics as "witches" were all done in the name of Christianity, a religion that engages in more war, death, drug use, gay online porn consumption and pedophilia than "unbelievers." So what the hell is going on?

Christianity, like all religions, is the perfect sheepskin for the worst that evil can do, and this has always been the case.  There is no greater costume for committing every evil imaginable but under the cloaks of moral righteousness. As Blaise Pascal pointed out, "people never commit evil so joyfully as when they do it for religion," (or something like that).

But those who desperately NEED their religion to be "true," are emotionally incapable of ever actually considering, let alone admitting, that the very "beliefs" they require to be true - because existence would be sheer hell for many of them it they are not - simply are not.

Religion boils down to an insane notion that the most powerful being imaginable, which exists all alone and is responsible for creating everything, has such a crush on humanity (a humanity that, out of sheer love, he collectively drowned like a woman accused of being a witch, and prepared a fire pit for which to throw them all into for eternity if they dared to become to uppity), that He has nothing better to do with all of his power and intelligence than pine away for our affections like an awkward school girl waiting for the star High School quarterback to notice her, even though He hides himself from all of our efforts to find any evidence that He even exists at all!

This is clearly the height of human hubris that makes anything the devil could have done look like small fries by comparison.It's like thinking King Kong is desperately in love with us, and us alone, and has nothing better to do than sit around wishing we would love him back. (Seriously. They actually believe this!)

And God's arch nemesis is so enraged by God's affection, like Cain being jealous of the favoritism being shown to Able by God, that he spends all of his time and energy doing nothing but hating us all for it (even though every Church on the planet continually accuses humanity of only collectively turning away from that God).

And worse, God is so pissed off at our collective unwillingness to simply accept on "faith" that he exists and wants us to love him (even though this is incorrect, since most people in the world identify with one theistic religion or another - despite the constant refrain that "humanity has turned it's back on God!") that he withdraws his "love" and "protection" from us, so that his arch nemesis can have increasing power to do to humanity as a whole what the Romans and the Sanhedrin did to Christ. 

And this all makes perfect sense to Christians.

Good God - humanity is screwed. 

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