Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Darwinian Christianity of Adolf Hitler

While Christians continually deny that Hitler was a "Christian,"  despite his many claims that he was, what is both interesting and ironic is how Christianity helped to fuel his own ideas of Darwinism. Hence, Hitler was a Christian, but he was also a Darwinist. In short, Hitler was a Darwinian Christian.

While Christians, like all religious believers, possess the belief that their own special brand of "beliefs" is the winning lottery ticket of "divine truth" among all of the religions that have existed throughout history, those beliefs are never immune from fusing with other beliefs and ideas in which they interact. This is part of the reason why you see a continual splintering of Christianity, for example, with over 40,000 different sects of Christianity in America alone.

Hitler simply fused his ideas of spiritual righteousness with biological evolution. For him, the latter became the ark by which the former could be perfected, which is why he sought to create a biologically superior race of people.  Coincidentally enough, however, even though Hitler's racism was based on beliefs in the biological superiority of Germans in accord with Darwinian ideas, studies today show that people who claim to hold religious beliefs often tend to have more racist views in general.

Hence, there may be no clear demarcation between the biological racism of Nazism and the spiritual "racism" that is either promoted or comes as a consequence of religion.

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