Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Why We Worship Our Own Intelligence

Nothing makes us feel more superior in every way - especially morally superior - quite like our own intelligence.  The free loving bohemian thinks them self more enlightened than the Buddhist, and the Catholic Priest no doubts finds his Christ to be a more intelligent fellow to hitch their heavenly hopes too than that desert rustic named Mohamed. And everywhere humanity is seduced by the apple of it's knowledge, and throws away the whole world by crucifying all those he perceives to be less intelligent than himself - especially with regard to matters beyond this world.  

This superiority of intelligence not only underwrites all racial and religious claims superiority, from the Aryan race to the "one true faith," it is also why humanity feels quite comfortable with killing everything else on the planet, and then hanging their heads on the walls of our "den." How enlightened.

That we possess a complete inability to actually measure the "intelligence" of other species has not encumbered the human animal, who has demonstrated he is like God by being able to both "know" everything such a "God" thinks, wants, will's, and demands, but also in having developed the ability to destroy the planet 100 times over, with his bombs and his ability to convince whole nations of people to hate other whole nations of people; even to the point of wanting that other nation dead, despite their own religious prohibitions agaisnt murder.

Yet even as we have always used the illusion of our intellectual superiority to treat animals like inanimate objects for our amusement, to subjugate women and other races,  and even justify the idea that aristocracy and wealth is better suited to ruling the masses than that that the masses should ever be allowed to rule themselves,... yes, despite all of that, we still make the mistake of believing that the most superior intelligence of all would treat us as an equal, and with exactly the kind of mercy and benevolence we deserve.

But if God is to treat us as we have treated everything else that we think less intelligent then ourselves, how could such a superior intelligence NOT treat us exactly as we have treated everything else that we consider less intelligence than we are?

After all, did not the Nazi's see the Jews not seen as less intelligent than themselves? Does not Christians think they are more intelligent than Muslims, and vice versa? Has the white man from Africa to the America's to Belgium in the Congo, Vietnam, Asia and the Middle East, always felt he was the superior intelligence to those he came to save both civilize and save from eternal damnation (Read Edward Said's Occidentalism)?

And has it not always been this asymmetrical interpretation of intelligence in every genocide and war, every crusade, conquest, or Inquisition, that has always been used to rouse the masses to believe in the undeniable morality of their causes, and to assure them that they are only doing God's work even as they are breaking all of His laws?  

Hence, if God "treats us as we treat everyone else," how then are we not all headed for the sausage grinder in Heaven's kitchen? 

But perhaps the most obvious reason why humanity only worships it's own intelligence when it comes to God, is because humanity admits it has no capacity to understand the very God it has fallen in love with. How in the hell we can decide to fall in love with a God that we cannot understand?? Indeed, how can we fall in love with a spouse, or a serial killer, or even a rattle snake, if we admit we cannot fully understand it, let alone it's intentions or it's "plan" for us?

Christians and Muslims get around this, of course, by insisting that, the very fact that we can conceive of a God who loves us, is itself proof that a God who loves us must therefore exist!

And that God is one which we "must" love back, even if we admit we cannot understand such a patently self contradictory, sociopath, narcissistic, "being" in the first place, or be thrown in hell for all eternity, for daring to admit we are limited in our human capacity as this presumed "being" is alleged to have made us.

And we have the hubris to KNOW that such a "being" exists, and that there is only ONE such being, for no other reason than that our dog cannot do the same thing (at least as far as we know).  For if he could, or does, then there is no doubt that he should think the great Canine in the sky had not only made him in His Dog like image, but that he had created the entire universe for his benefit alone.

For clearly Humans are but guardian angles or ghoulish demons, who either feed and shelter and care for those dogs, or they starve, abuse, and even eat those dogs. But there is no doubt in their minds, as there is no doubt in our own, that God is exactly like they are.

 Why else would the entire world, and indeed all of the other heavenly orbs, look exactly like a rubber ball?

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