Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Handgun or a Length of Rope

Life can feel like a cross that only gets heavier with age, and all of us carry it to our grave like Christ on his way to Golgotha. Caught between an immovable past and an unstoppable future, each passing moment begins to feel more and more like we are being crucified by one on the other.

Welcome to America, where my retirement plan is to have just enough money to afford a handgun or a length of rope.

You'll hate your job, but at least you won't have any money for retirement or healthcare services. But you're "free," but you're not free to die, which is the only thing more and more people really want to do.

Do a google search and you'll be surprised at the growing number of people who just wish they were dead.

The Christians will all insist that it's because people don't go to church for their weekly brainwashing session that is designed to convince them that being a slave, to both God and their job, is what makes a person really happy. They'd be perfect in Dachau or on a plantation with their work ethic and blind faith.  

But for all those who are not completely insane because of their delusions about an imaginary sky father, life is simply a  visit from nothingness to the 7th realm of hell, where work is the thing that Christians everywhere rejoice in believing will "set them free."


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