Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Strange Pairing of Guns & God

Jesus is said to be the Lamb of Peace, but he is also said to have said, "I come not to bring peace, but the sword." Yet despite "bringing the sword," he is also said to have also warned that "he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword." So which the hell is it, Jesus, ferchirstsake!

That Jesus was said to have gone peacefully unto his own execution without lifting a finger to help himself, Christians today think that the 2nd Amendment Right to "bare arms" must of come down with Moses from Mount Sinai as the 11th commandment. For Christians who love the idea of killing anything and anyone who disagrees with their own personal brand of infallible righteousness that comes with their "beliefs," Jesus is only ever merciful and "peace" mongering when it comes to themselves; He'll swing an axe in an unholy rage like Conan the Barbarian, however, agaisnt anyone who dares to suggest that the Bible proves only that God is more bloodthirsty than the devil.

Nevertheless, many Christians love their guns with all of the sexual fervor of Greek gods and mythical vampires craving the blood of  virgins. In fact, the Christian who likes to kill anyone or anything with the gun, sees them self as much an instrument of God as they see their Gun an instrument of their own moral righteousness.

In the same way that a gun is simply an "instrument" that has no free will at all, ironically enough, so the Christian sees them self as an instrument of God as well, and in this sense, equally as devoid of any "free will" to do God's will as their gun. But they get around this, of course, by claiming they have freely chosen to hand over their own "free will" so that they can do "God's will," which means that anyone they murder as a witch or threat to Christianity, is clearly determined by God alone - which just happens to be exactly what every Muslim terrorist claims as well!

That Christians "trust in God," only means that "God helps those who help themselves;" which only means every good Christian knows that God expects people to be packing heat and ready to "bust a cap in a mother phuka" for the good Lord above, if ever God so wills them to do so.

Oh yes.. praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. For on the 8th day, God created the gun. 

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