Saturday, April 1, 2017

For Atheists, Donald Trump IS Christianity

There are a number of Christians who are starting to realize that Donald Trump is as opposite to Christianity as Satan himself, despite the fact that the overwhelming number of Christians in America (89% of them, in fact) voted for him.

So, how do atheists see this?

While most Christians who voted for Donald Trump did so out of deep fears of every degree (so much for having "faith in God"), they are also the very example of why atheists exist at all.

For the atheist, Christianity has always  been the sheepskin beneath which true "evil" has always done its worst. And it does so by convincing it's captive audience of Stockholm syndrome supplicants, that it is, in the words of John Quincy Adams "doing Gods work while it is breaking all of his laws."

Donald Trump is not anti-Christian, in this respect, he is the very "Christ" that Christians have only ever worshiped and adored - white, wealthy,  and completely full of himself.

Atheists only wish more "Christians" would finally wake up and smell reality for once.

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