Thursday, April 20, 2017

Belief in God or Completely Insane?

Christians are found of telling atheists that they cannot prove that God does not exist. Of course, the Christian cannot prove they are not simply suffering from a psychological disorder that they simply "imagine" is a separate identity that they have concocted for them self , and now refer to by the name of "God."

That throngs of people willingly engage in this self-delusion, not only because of the social benefits that come from participating in such celebrated delusions but also because it feeds that all too human need to feel superior to others, only encourages the practice of falling in love with one's own reflection on a divine scale.

There is no way for the Christian to deny this is what they are doing, which is why their only recourse is to insist that anyone who points out their delusion is clearly delusional, or worse, in league with their other imaginary friends they call "demons." In this way, the Christian can populate an entire "other world" of "beings" like their own personal game of Dungeons & Dragons.

If an alien from Mars showed up, who was well aware of how the human mind works, there is no doubt that they would conclude such people are as insane, and indeed far, far more homicidal, than any of the people who had ever been burned as witches or thrown into the kind of insane asylum that Edgar Allan Poe enjoyed writing about.

In fact, if a person calls their imaginary friends by any other names than "God," Jesus, or demons, they are considered to be quite obviously insane. Yet anyone who refuses to accept that such imaginary "beings" exist, however, is considered to be possessed by the devil (an imaginary being that likewise can not be, and has never been, proven to exist - but boy do some people get rich and powerful by convincing people that he does!). Any semblance of rational thought about the question has for thousands of years been driven out by the likes of the Catholic Church.

Never mind any of the blood and death and torture and rape that the Church has engaged in or hidden from prosecution. Never mind the amount of blatant financial corruption and outright protection of child rapists. No, never mind any of that. God is love and light and sunshine and rainbows. And any priest who dared to repeatedly sodomize children for God, was clearly operating under the influence of that nefarious character we call Lucifer, or one of his subordinates. Just read The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, and you'll know for certain that there is no denying such obvious and incontrovertible facts.

Clearly, insanity is in the mind of the beholder. And the mind that is beheld by God is too infallible to ever confuse it's split personality disorder with simply a mental problem. After all, no one with such a mental problem would ever worship and love and pray to simply a projection of their own insanity.

Or would they? 

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