Friday, April 21, 2017

How The Christian God is Adolf Hitler Writ Large

Have you ever noticed how much God is just like Adolf Hitler, or how much the followers of Christ are just like the followers of Charles Manson? The only difference, really, is that the former are responsible for far more bloodshed and suffering than the latter, and all for the purpose of creating the perfect human being.

Charles Darwin was apparently the model upon which Hitler wanted to "perfect" the human race, by forcing humans to biologically become more evolved, and thus more pure. Religion likewise tries to create "perfect" souls, by getting humans to become more spiritually evolved. And while Hitler was willing to burn those he deemed to be biologically inferior in the ovens of Auschwitz, so God is willing to burn those He deems to be spiritually inferior in the fires of hell in the afterlife.

Make no mistake: despite the best attempts by Christians to do everything in their power to convince people that Hitler was NOT a Christian, he clearly and undeniably was. He not only claimed countless times in speeches to be a Christian, he also makes such claims repeatedly in his book Mein Kampf.

And like Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Ford - those "Christian giants of American Business" who funded and supported the eugenics programs first in America and then in Germany (and why not, since biological purity was simply another route to achieving "spiritual purity") - Hitler drew the moral justification for his antisemitism directly from Christianity itself. And if genocide could be carried out again and again by the Jews in the Old Testament to rid themselves of the spiritually impure, as is detailed in Deuteronomy, then it could be used to rid the world of those Hitler accused of "killing Christ."  

Hitler's antisemitism is drawn directly from John 8:44, where the Holy Bible clearly claims that the  "chosen people", the Jews, should be understood by Christians everywhere to be "the sons of Satan." Unlike the other synoptic gospels, the Book of John is seen as the very heart of antisemitism in Christianity. Such Christian antisemitism was expressed by  Pope Leo “the Great,” in an Easter Sermon on the Passion of Christ, when he proclaimed, with almost God like infallibility:

 “And when morning was come all the chief priests and elders of the people took counsel against Jesus to put him to death.” This morning, O ye Jews, was for you not the rising, but the setting of the sun, nor did the wonted daylight visit your eyes, but a night of blackest darkness brooded on your naughty hearts. This morning overthrew for you the temple and its altars, did away with the Law and the Prophets, destroyed the Kingdom and the priesthood, turned all your feasts into eternal mourning.  For ye resolved on a mad and bloody counsel, ye “fat bulls,” ye “many oxen,” ye “roaring” wild beasts, ye rabid “dogs,” to give up to death the Author of life and the LORD of glory; and, as if the enormity of your fury could be palliated by employing the verdict of him, who ruled your province, you lead Jesus bound to Pilate’s judgment, that the terror-stricken judge being overcome by your persistent shouts, you might choose a man that was a murderer for pardon, and demand the crucifixion of the Saviour of the world.” 

Also in the fifth century, John Chrysostom, a most vile and capricious Church father, in his work, Orations Against The Jews, wrote:

And the Jews are more savage than any highwaymen; they do greater harm to those who have fallen among them. They did not strip off their victim’s clothes nor inflict wounds on his body as did those robbers on the road to Jericho. The Jews have mortally hurt their victim’s soul, inflicted on it ten thousand wounds, and left it lying in the pit of ungodliness.[15]

That ALL of this antisemitism is the direct result of a plan to "redeem" humanity through the brutal act of God murdering himself in the form of Jesus (when Adam & Eve "sinned" agaisnt God, why didn't God just "turn the other cheek"?), only demonstrates how, to be like God, one should aspire to "kill a Jew" like Jesus.

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