Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Only Reason Atheists Hope There Is A God

Theists love to claim that "atheists hate God," when in fact this is untrue, and they know it.

Atheists do not hate something they do not even "believe" exists,  anymore than the Christian or the Muslim 'hates" the flying spaghetti monster or Santa clause.

No, the atheist does not hate "God," but they do hate all those who think that, just because they "believe" in God, they have a special license to act as if they were appointed by that "God" to act like they ARE God, in everything they say, declare, think, judge, and seek to impose on others.

That Christians think their "belief" in God means they have a right, and indeed an obligation, to determine what is "moral" for everyone, everywhere, always and forever, only demonstrates a hubris that would make even Satan himself blush like a shrinking violent.

And that is precisely the only reason why an atheist would hope there is a god, so that he can treat all those who think they are as infallible as that God, exactly how they have treated everyone else.

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