Sunday, April 16, 2017

How God Turns Us into Bullies

A recent study showed how a belief in God, far from making us more compassionate and accepting of others, actually turns children into bullies.

A belief in the ultimate moral yardstick of human behavior does not foster a sense of empathy for others, although Christians and Muslims alike will argue tooth and nail that it does. Instead, it only actually creates an impossible example that those who feel they must "save" everyone else - by coercing or cajoling them into accepting Jesus Christ as their "personal lord and savoir" (whether they want to be saved or not!) - must get everyone else to accept and follow.

Never mind that the example can never be lived up to. Never mind that God gets everyone in the Final Judgement (God's own version of the "Final Solution" of the 'people question').   And never mind that Christians, by wanting everyone to accept these unfounded, prejudicial, and altogether closed minded  precepts, are actually engaged in doing exactly the opposite of anything Christ himself ever did!

Yes, never mind any of that.

The point is that Heaven is an Amway scheme for believers, and the more people they can force to accept the Jesus, the more rewards they will enjoy in heaven.

That anyone who decides to think for themselves and perhaps say no to such a "belief," therefore only leads the "believer" to see their entire investment in the riches of their Heavenly reward begin to evaporate like a Wall Street banker on Oct 29, 1929. It is no wonder they become so angry at the thought that people are not buying into their spiritual ponzi scheme for the sacred heart of Jesus.

In this sense, religion is about an individual retirement account, or IRA, where the person expects to retire to a beach front property in Heaven, if only they can get enough people to buy into it. Hence, in the same way "believers" feel that it is logical to assume that if we build things, so the universe must be a thing that a God must have built, so to is it perfectly logical for the atheist to conclude that the same way that preachers today become millionaires by selling Christ, is exactly what every person who seeks to sell the same thing is hoping for when they get to heaven.

And anyone who refuses to buy in is therefore seen as a threat to a person's eternal retirement account, or ERA. But this never makes someone nicer. It only turns them into a wall street banker (i.e. a "money changer) for Christ. And as we saw in 2008, Wall Street bankers only care about their money.

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