Monday, January 23, 2017

Catholics Would Be the First to Crucify Christ

Many hardcore alt-right Catholics see Pope Francis as a communist and a Marxist. And if they had the choice, they would do to him exactly what the Sanhedrin had done to Christ himself. No wonder Martin Luther accused the Catholic Church of being "the whore of Babylon."

Mind you, this is one of the first popes to actually try and walk in the footsteps of Christ by taking up the cause for the poor in earnest. That so many Catholics have been seduced by the serpent of their utopian capitalism that is now coiling around the whole world, and all because they have been indoctrinated by their capitalist caretakers to see any gov't attempt to help the poor as something only Satan himself would do, only proves that any institution can be used to brainwash even the most well meaning of people.

True, governments are almost the worst things humanity has ever created for itself, necessary evils that they are. But when such fear and hatred is used to justify opposing ANY gov't assistance to the poor, a far, far, greater evil is clearly at work.

Many in the pro-life movement have been duped using such fear and hatred to believe that gov't is so evil that it is better that 40,000 people should die every year, than that they should be covered by Obamacare. (see:

There is no doubt that ALL governments need to be held in check, as the 20th century proves only too well. But the incredible amount of fear and burning hatred that has deliberately been orchestrated to brainwash Conservatives, in order to get people to hate ANYTHING that government does as "pure, godless, evil," - especially when that "evil" comes in the form of providing healthcare to people (admittedly Obamcare is an awful plan, but to millions, its better than nothing at all) -   is a propaganda machine who's power is at least as "evil" as anything else.

Indeed, such a propaganda system is used to get the masses to hate gov't spending on anything but the military and prison industrial complexes. People should only be happy that their gov't is spending ever more on war and incarceration, in other words, not healthcare for the poor. "Fuck those lazy bastards!", is what I hear most from so many Christian Conservatives. Praise Jesus!

"Let them die!"

I kid you not! I've actual heard this from people in my own family.

And since Christ did not advocate for any one economic system over another, but only sought to administer to the poor and the needy, that's how you know that many Catholics would be the very first to crucify Christ.

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