Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Beliefs are the Opposite of Truths

The greatest sin religion has ever committed is deliberately, and knowingly, forcing people to accept that its sacred "beliefs" are necessarily "truth." And from this one simple but powerful lie, religion has committed all of its other sins, including torture, persecution, oppression, rape, and murder.

Simply put, there is nothing wrong with someone choosing to "believe" that there is a "god," anymore than someone choosing to believe in an imaginary friend, or that your stuffed cat is real, or that the neighbors dog talks to you.

But at the point that you feel you have any right whatsoever, to pretend that, because you simply "chose" to believe in this "god' of yours, that you therefore now have access to the mind of the most powerful being conceivable, and you not only KNOW what that mind wants absolutely, but are required to impose those wants on all others (and all to save your own soul!), then you have only proven yourself to be a comic for ISIS, who has gone as stark raving mad as the Son of Sam.

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  1. Believe or don't believe are both wrong. The one who is in the middle knows he has the real truth. There can never be an answer. Pretty obvious if you ask me.


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