Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Hubris of Religous Humility: How Faith turns Lies into Facts

People who "believe" that you must love and accept God/Jesus or go to hell are simply confessing that, to them, NOT believing in the fairy-tale of how right/smart they are is pure torment.

Such people are so truly terrified by the reality of their own mortality and limited understanding, in other words, that it is far more comforting for them to imagine people being roasted alive for all of eternity rather than consider for a single second that they could be wrong.

Such extreme emotional addiction to a psychotic lie only ensures that such "holy" and "humble" believers are far, far more comfortable with blaming all of the worlds problems on those they are convinced (because Jesus convinced them, of course) are the REAL reason for why the world is going to hell in a hand basket.

It's not because Christians have started wars and condone drone strikes, it's not because they militantly support pro-life politicians who wage more wars and kill more people and children than Satan could only ever dream of, it's not because they condemn homosexuals as sinners despite deriving all of their understanding about sexuality from saints like St. Augustine (who openly wrote about how he supported slavery, felt women were as evil as the devil himself, and that torture was one of the best means of converting people to Christianity). Indeed, it's not even that Christians praise the money lenders and condemn any Christ-like-figure who ever suggested that poor people should have access to any healthcare they didn't directly pay for themselves.

No, it's none of that. It's because gay people cause hurricanes, and economic collapse. It's because "baby killing democrats" are pissing off their psychopathic father in Heaven, who in turn has decided to smite us all for ignoring his demands, regardless  of our "free will."

And that's how faith in god turns the greatest lie ever sold into a fact all must believe...or be killed.

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