Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bogus Republicans: Let's Work Together?

Conservatives who make the bogus empty claims that "republicans would not be out there protesting and declining to go to the inauguration if Hilary won," have no evidence to support such a claim. But there's plenty of evidence that suggests that they would be protesting, and many of them with their guns in hands!

Indeed, Republicans were certainly out protesting in droves, after all, after the passage of the ACA, with many a republicans (including Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck) claiming they would "leave the country if the ACA passed." Yet none of them did.

And today, it's really amazing to hear Republican saying "We should all be together now that the election is over," after so many of them so vocally expressed their commitment to doing the exact opposite of that after the ACA was passed.
In fact, all Republicans did for the most part was not only try to bankrupt the country by refusing to fund the US government, but they also spent almost all of their time focusing exclusively on accusing Obama of NOT being an American,. This is really ironic today, of course, when you consider that Trump may simply be a Russian operative.

Now that Trumpazuzu is in power, I'm sure even the Bundy's out in Oregon are now willing "to work together."

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