Friday, January 13, 2017

Repealing Obamacare: How Christians Crucify Christ

 "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people he didn't exist." 
- Verbal Kint, The Usual Suspects

The greatest trick the health insurance industry ever pulled was convincing people that they didn't make their money by denying coverage to anyone who would be to costly to insure. Instead, perhaps the greatest con of the 20th century was how the insurance industry convinced millions of Christian Americans that the vast majority of those who have no access to healthcare do not deserve it, and that the rapid increase in premiums and healthcare costs are not because of their own skyrocketing profits and executive bonuses, but because Obamacare forces them to insure loafers who do not deserve access to healthcare, and people with pre existing health conditions who are to costly to help or cure.  

And yet those conservatives who have been brainwashed into accepting the utopian message of the free market messiahs have all decided that the world would be perfect if only sick people would hurry up and die already, and that Liberals would finally understand that anyone who does not have health insurance clearly does not deserve health insurance. Indeed, for the Christian Conservative who puts all of their economic faith in their free market messiahism, God clearly only ever gives cancer to those who really deserve it!

For them, and PRO LIFE Republicans who wish to deny healthcare coverage to 20 million people live by ONE creed only: Kill them all! Kill them ALL! For all those who would drive up my healthcare costs - KILL THEM ALL!

The "body of Christ," as any good Christian will tell you, actually refers to the body of humanity itself.  Humanity as a whole, in other words, is what constitutes "the body of Christ." But Christians seduced by the apple of "the prosperity gospel" offered to them by so many "Christian" serpents like Joel Olsteen and Pat Robertson and others, chose to sell the body of Christ for 30 pieces of silver. Those 30 pieces of silver come in the form of tax savings,  for Christians who simply refuse to pay for the healthcare of anyone they (said Christians) choose to define as lazy and undeserving.

(If such Christians were God, in other words, they would pretty much send everyone to hell for not being as hard working and intelligent as themselves.)

Instead, such Christians and political Conservatives feel it is their God given duty to make sure that 20 million people - many of whom have jobs that do NOT provide health care or who are refused healthcare for no other reason than that they have pre existing heath conditions - do NOT have access to healthcare! And why? Because they want to save money, because they don't want to pay to insure others, because they would rather kill Christ for 30 pieces of silver, than insure someone they are convinced is a lazy undeserving piece of shit.

Never mind the fact that the real reason their own insurance premiums are going up is because of an insurance racket that maximizes profits by denying coverage to anyone who needs it (but only at the point that they need it, of course, much like car insurance companies).

If poor sick people can't get off of their lazy asses to earn their keep, so the Christian Conservatives will argue, then they should die rather than pick the pockets of hard working Americans. Never mind the fact that millions of people covered by Obamacare actually DO work - like Walmart employee's, for example - but are denied any access to healthcare for no other reason than that their pre existing health conditions would negatively impact the quarterly earnings of insurance companies that are forever competing for the affections of their financial overlords on Wall Street.

Indeed, the only reason America has Obamacare - which is simply healthcare coverage for the uninsured grafted on to the existing for-profit insurance system - is because "the wealthy" used their army of lobbyists and spent millions in campaign financing to prevent the creation of a public healthcare option that would actually save people even MORE money - both in taxes and insurance costs - but would do so by cutting into the profits of the insurance companies.

In truth, Republicans want to repeal the ACA because they have hitched their wagon to the lie that the ACA amounts to an attempt to advance atheistic socialism and communism, and that it is directly responsible for driving up healthcare costs (not the demand for ever greater profits by insurance companies). 

Insurance companies, because the ACA forces them to insure people with health problems that they would otherwise deny coverage, looses the freedom to maximize profits by dropping those small business who  are the least profitable to insure. So they lobby congress and fund propaganda campaigns that the ACA is an attempt by communists and socialists to impose one world governments, that will rule over the entire world like foretold in the book of Revelation in their Bible, and overthrow American by forcing hard working Christian Americans to insure minorities and loafers who simply do not deserve to have access to healthcare. And such people are so conditioned to respond to such fears, because they know that Satan is trying to impose one world government - because  that they gleefully elect a billionaire- psychopathic pedophile to save them. 

And in so doing, they gladly scream of those who have no health insurance - "crucify them!"

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