Monday, January 16, 2017

Obamacare & Wannsee: The Rise of the Republican Reich

In January of 1942, sixteen distinguished doctors and lawyers – most of whom were Christians - met for an elegant lunch in the German countryside to resolve what they called “the Jewish question.” As these men smoked cigars and drank French wine, they discussed the important role Germany was to play for humanity, professed their devotion to German culture and its high ideals, and plotted to kill a hundred million people. To defend the purity of their enlightened system of beliefs, in other words, they planned to tear humanity limb from limb. 
That lakeside luncheon was known as the Wannsee Conference, and it was the place where the fate of some eleven million people was sealed, including six million Jews. The conference had the singular purpose of coordinating the various government agencies needed for The Final Solution. It was here, for the first time, that most of the men at that table were presented with the plan to turn the age old religious practice of genocide into a German industrial enterprise. 

Today, Donald Trump and the Republican party are now working to kill 20 million people by abolishing the Affordable Care Act and thus denying 20 million people access to healthcare, and all to enrich the healthcare insurance companies that have been posting record profits and bonuses ever since the ACA was passed in the first place.

The Nazi's, when you think about it, were much more humane in how they murdered the roughly 11 million people during the Holocaust (people often only quote the 6 million Jews while ignoring the other 5 million people killed in those camps - which effectively annihilates those 5 million people all over again). This is because the Nazi's at least murdered those 11 million people by gassing them, while the Republicans would rather simply let 20 million people writhe in the agony of their ill health - ill health, mind you, that comes from GMO's in the food, pesticides and cancers in our livestock, over exposure to the proliferation of phone towers and pollution of the environment, not to mention poisoning of the water and all over food sources, and much to much to list here. 
 But despite the fact that companies are poisoning us all to death, from meds, to cancer, to food to phones and on and on, America still believes that access to "healthcare" is not a "right." Indeed, people actually believe that it's a "good idea" to chain people to their jobs (no matter how much they may hate that job, and no matter how little that job pays) by forcing people to depend on that job, indeed CLING to that job for dear life, in order to have access to healthcare for themselves and their family. 
 And rather than blame insurance companies who are working to make a profit from death and disease, the people who complain about the ACA are the ones who are as free of health problems as they are of understanding the real reason their costs are going up, and who seem to care as much about all of those who will loose access to healthcare with the loss of the ACA as they care about those  hundreds of thousands of innocent lives that have been lost on America's bogus "War on Terror."
Long live the "Christian Nation," that follows in the footsteps of Christ by ignoring the fact that Christ said, "what you do to the least of my brothers and sisters, you do to me." Long live the money lenders, long live Moloch, long live the Republican Reich.


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