Thursday, January 19, 2017

Most Christians Are Narcissitic Atheists

I am an atheist who believes in God. And everyone who claims to believe in God is actually an atheist.

You're probably saying right now, "what the...?"

Ya see, I believe that "God" is an idea, a delusional one but an idea nonetheless, that people around the world "believe" they share with others, but they really don't; and they sort of do. But people don't actually believe in "God," they only believe in their beliefs about God. People's "beliefs" about God, in other words, ARE their "God." And people's "beliefs" about God are only ever extensions of themselves.

That's why people who tend to believe in God always cock sure they are right, and why such a belief so often makes "believers" more arrogant about "being right" about everything they believe. And that's because they insist that their own beliefs come from the supreme God who created all beliefs. Indeed, even the delusion that many Christians have that "beliefs in God make people better" is simply a "belief" that many a Christian worship as if it were God itself.

In truth, however, such a "belief" is simply their own bias controlling their ability to see that a "belief" can and often does do just as much harm as it can do good. But don't bother trying to explain that to a die hard Christian, who is likely to crucify you for questioning them as the Sanhedrin crucified their Christ.

Christians love to crucify Christ more than anyone, of course.

As such, Christians and Muslims do NOT believe in God, but only believe in their own God like ability to know God and what God thinks and wants. And they call having this "god like ability" to know the mind of an eternal omnipotent God, and to know it "absolutely," an act of humility; and all without a hint of irony.

Such a miracle of denial may be the best evidence yet that God may in fact exist, even as Christian close mindedness is often the strongest evidence of all that nothing resembling the Christian God has ever existed at all.

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